By Mike | 10th January 2017

How to decorate your bedroom for a good night’s sleep

Decorating for a good nights sleep

How to decorate your bedroom for a good night’s sleep


Decent sleep is one of the cornerstones of a healthy and happy life, but did you know that your decorating choices in your bedroom can have an effect on your quality of your shut-eye?  


This week we’re going to explore some of the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of bedroom décor so you can create an environment that will help you get your required hours of restful sleep a night.


Avoid bold and bright colours


You may love red, orange or neon yellow, but if you choose them to decorate your bedroom you might (unsurprisingly) find it hard to drift off at night. Bold and bright colours have been shown to be quite stimulating to the mind, so stick to using those in your main living spaces instead.


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Embrace pastel shades


Choosing pastel shades of green or light blue will create a calm and relaxing feel to your room. Green, in particular, has long been associated with tranquillity and peace because it triggers the same parts of the brain as spending time in nature.

Use canvases wisely


We think that clever use of canvases can enhance the restful quality of your room, while adding a splash of colour and style. Great choices for a bedroom are sunsets, seascapes or other natural scenes. That said, don’t feel you have to dismiss abstract images – they can still work well, as long as they’re not too busy and bold.

Leave the tech outside!


If you struggle to sleep we recommend removing as much technology from your room as possible – especially screens. Science has shown a direct link between the cold light from laptops, TVs, tablets and mobile phones and disrupted sleep patterns, so don’t be tempted to check your phone several times before turning in for the night.


Make it dark


Cover all sources of light and consider investing in blackout blinds or curtains. A combination of the two will ensure a great night’s sleep all year round because excessive light at night may interrupt melatonin production.


Move things around


It may seem like a strange idea, but consider moving your bed around, because often you’ll find a position in which you feel more comfortable than any other. The same goes for all your bedroom furniture, so don’t be afraid to experiment – the goal is to create a haven where you can instantly relax.

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Keep it tidy


There’s no point going to lots of trouble to turn your room into a sleeper’s paradise if it’s covered in dirty clothes and junk! Keeping your room clean and tidy will help you relax before you slip under the sheets after a long day.


Follow these simple tips and your bedroom will soon be a place you look forward to spending time in – even if you can’t remember most of it because you’re sound asleep! 

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