By Mike | 26th November 2013

Panoramic and triptych canvas prints

Panoramic canvases

Taking panoramic images has never been easier – as technology improves and smartphones are given even more capabilities (some now have a specific, ‘panorama’ setting), even the novice photographer can capture an image suitable for this kind of wall art. If course, you don’t even really need the right tech either, as you can always take a series of pictures and then ‘sew’ them together using software such as Photoshop.

So what makes for a good panorama? Traditionally, landscapes would be the image of choice for this type of photo, and while this is still a great idea, why stop there? When you’re next on your travels to a big city, get up high and capture the magic of the sprawling metropolis below you.

Panoramic views of large groups of people also work well, so if you’ve got a group wedding shot that you’re itching to get on the wall, why not go for it? Family reunions, birthday parties or christenings all offer the potential to get your nearest and dearest together and get a great shot of them for your print too, so try and gather them all up in a line and either set your camera up on a tripod or ask a willing volunteer to take a few shots.

When taking a panoramic shot for printing onto canvas, there are a few things you need to watch out for. Firstly, as you take your series of shots, there may be something in the frame that has moved as you snap away – such as a bird flying overhead or a dog running around in the background. Do a check of your whole environment before you start shooting, but also be aware that you may be able to erase unwanted items from the image on your editing software, providing you have the basic skills needed.

Also, you need to make sure that your camera is set up the same for each image, so that the resolution is consistent, and watch out for your lighting – if there’s a big cloud about to pass in front of the sun, hold off until its completed this journey so that the shadows and colour saturation look the same when the images are joined together.

Triptych tricks

If you prefer the idea of several images over separate canvases, then triptychs are highly effective, create a big impact and you choose any subject you want. For those looking to decorate their homes with images of their children, this is a fabulous opportunity to capture them in a variety of poses – and it’s much easier to choose 3 photos you love than narrowing it down to just 1! Try taking some photos of your kids in the garden or park, maybe one of them picking a flower, one laughing on a swing, and one jumping up to catch a ball – then put them on the wall together across 3 canvas prints and you have a little ‘story’ of them at their most animated.

You can even replicate the same image across your 3 prints, and simply change the colours for an Andy Warhol type piece of wall art, or get all members of your family to strike a similar pose and have one canvas print for each – though this may need more than just the 3 canvases depending on the size of your family! Perhaps you could have mum and dad on the middle canvas together, and the kids on the prints either side looking towards the middle one, as if they’re looking at mum and dad. Another great idea is to take 3 of your favourite wedding photos, maybe one of you and your spouse together in the middle and one each of you on your own either side.

There’s nothing you can’t choose for your triptych canvases, just make sure that they follow some kind of theme so that you can place them together and it’s clear that they belong to a set - start making them now with our easy to use photo uploader.

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