By Mike | 08th October 2013

The art of canvas printing

From a production point of view, there’s a real art in getting your canvas prints just right, ensuring high quality images and a product that we’re proud to sell and that you’re proud to display. However, there’s another side to the art of canvas printing too – so why not take an alternative approach and flex those creative muscles instead of simply choosing a photo for reproduction?

All you need for us to print something onto canvas is an electronic file that you can upload onto our site – so why not scan an original piece of handmade art onto your computer for printing and hang your own unique creation on your walls?

Here are some ideas for your personalised piece of canvas art...

  1. It’s a family affair – grab the poster paints, gather the family and get messy! We’ve all seen those lovely plaster casts for a baby’s feet; adapt this idea and get every member of the family to choose a colour, paint it on a hand and foot and take it in turns to place them on a piece of paper. Scan it and turn it into a lovely family keepsake – or even a present for grandparents.

  2. Bring out your hidden Picasso – if you want to colour match your canvas print with your interior decor, then you can do this easily by creating your own canvas art and you don’t need to be a great painter either. Select your colours and create an abstract piece or let your kids have a go. Try blocks of colour, splashes, sweeps, splats – anything you like!

  3. School’s out – if you have younger children you’ll be all too familiar with the many pictures and paintings they bring home from school. If you have a particular favourite, why not have it printed on canvas for posterity, or to add a personal touch to the artist’s bedroom?

  4. Copy cat – many people feel they lack true artistic skills, but even if you’re not brimming with inspiration, you may be able to take an idea from elsewhere and copy it to create your own masterpiece, adapting it to suit your colour scheme or own personal style. Even finding a lovely piece of wallpaper with a stylish but simple pattern can be enough to get the creative juices flowing. Look for floral designs or abstract prints and give it a go!

  5. Cut and paste – you don’t need to create your canvas art using paints and pens; why not gather some favourite images, pictures, pressed flowers, invitations, birthday cards, headlines or anything else you can think of and stick them on a piece of paper in collage form? Then you can scan this and send it for printing and display.

These are just a few ideas but you can be as creative and inspired as you want! Keep it simple, or get serious – as long as you have an idea of where you want your new canvas art print to go, you will soon hit on an idea that works for you and your home.

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