By Laura | 27th March 2020

What your choice of canvas wall art says about you

Canvas wall art is such an important part of an interior design project because it’s a chance to stamp your personality on your home or office.

This is why it’s a good idea to think about the choices you make instead of buying random canvas prints as an afterthought just to fill up wall space.

Wall art shouldn’t be an afterthought

The art that you choose to hang on your walls should be part of your thinking during the initial design phase. It’s easy to think about decorating – making colour palette choices, picking a theme for your furniture, etc – as the only important aspects of the process, but poorly chosen wall art can ruin a space.

An interior design project works because of the layers of tone, colour, texture and light within the space, and your canvas wall art has to be part of the process if you want your choices to mirror your character.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at what your choices could be saying about you...

Canvas art prints have personality

Yes, art does have a personality, so it’s important to choose it to match yours! For example:

  • Abstract art is bold and demanding, and confronts and encourages the viewer to open their mind to see the world differently. It’s often a dominating force in a room and suits people with strong personalities who are comfortable rocking the boat a little and like to be challenged to see beyond the ordinary senses.
  • Pop art is also bold but with a sense of fun and irony. It’s definitely going to dominate a space with its strong primary colours and thick black borders, so it’s a great choice for larger than life characters who like to poke fun at the status quo.
  • Impressionist work can be soft and dreamy or bold and colourful, but it’s always thoughtful and inviting. As a piece of canvas wall art, it suggests that the owner has a considered and intellectual character that has a soft and engaging side.
  • Realism is popular with those of you who like their art to be a true representation of the world we live in. It’s a popular style that doesn’t ask you to challenge your worldview but instead celebrates life as it is, which makes it ideal for more pragmatic and sensible personalities.

Think carefully about what your choice of canvas wall art says about you, and your interior design projects will be more authentic and enjoyable to live in.

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