Kettle Chips case study

We might be a small family company but we most certainly can handle orders for larger clients.

We have a sneaking suspicion that you might have heard of one of our big clients before; that's right we have worked with Kettle Chips on quite a number of occasions now.

We were approached by Kettle Chips when they had a requirement for nine made to order canvas prints. We put together some numbers which they were delighted with, as they had seen our outstanding reviews for quality.

Not long after that we had received the images they needed transforming to canvas. As you might know each packet has a unique colour to match its unique flavour; we took on the challenge to get the colours matched as perfectly on canvas to what you would see on the shelf. We sent out a number of samples until the colours were perfect.

Kettle Chips were elated when the prints arrived. Not only did we offer a competitive price but the quality of our canvas prints and service, never ever falters. This is why Kettle Chips have returned time and time again for their canvas requirements. But don't just take our word for it, have a look at the end result to see for yourself.

None of these images are for sale, they are property of Kettle Chip and no other reproduction of these images will take place, they were simply photographed for display purposes.

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