JPEG or PNG file format accepted.

Please use email or file transfer for other file formats.

Max file size: 20 MB

Max dimensions: 10000px x 10000px


Email PDF, TIFF, EPS, etc under 20MB.

Files over this limit use a file transfer size such as or include your order number and send to us at



Please choose your specification below...

Designer Cropping

Select this option if you would you prefer to leave the cropping of your image for our expert designers to decide.


The size can be chosen from the list of standard options, or you can select a custom size which would best suit either the image or your requirements.

You will see a preview of the image on screen along with size selected, if this doesn’t look right you can simply increase or decrease the dimensions by using the plus and minus icons.

Our helpful team are on hand to help with ordering if you need any advice.

Canvas Style

Slim 0.75"/1.9cm - Your canvas print will be stretched around a solid wooden frame, where the canvas itself will be wrapped around a 0.75inch frame

Chunky 1.75"/4.4cm – As above but stretched on a 1.75inch frame

(please allow -/+ 2mm tolerance)

Choosing a depth would determine how deep you would like your print to stand out from the wall. The most popular choice is 0.75", but this is purely personal preference.

Design team tip: If you are having quite a large canvas print (40"x30" or bigger) we would recommend a frame depth of 1.75".

If you are sizing your print to include a gallery wrap you need to add 1" to each side for a slim frame and 2" to each side for a chunky frame.

i.e. a 12"x12" on a slim frame would be sized at 14"x14" or 16"x16" on a chunky frame

Box Frame – An option for framing your stretched canvas print with a variety of colour frame options – the depth of a box frame is approx. 1.3”

Unframed - We will send your print out to you rolled without a frame. Please let us know if you want us to print at the exact size ordered or if you want extra bleed adding whether this is white space or gallery wrap.

Edge Style

Because you canvas photo is stretched on a frame, you’ll need to decide what you want to show on the side edges! We have several options:

Gallery Wrap – the image on the canvas wraps around the sides, so some of the image will be lost to the edge of the canvas. You’ll be able to see how much in the preview tool.

White Wrap – this leaves the edges white, so the image will only be on the front of the canvas.

Black Wrap – similar to the white wrap, the image will be only on the front face and the edge will be left black. This works beautifully with black and white images and makes a bold statement!

Colour Wrap – if you’d like a colour border, you can pick this from the image itself. This is a good way to keep the colours the same throughout, again ensuring that you’re not losing the image to the edges and maintaining it on the front face of the canvas.

Mirror Wrap – if you’d like the effect of a gallery wrap but don’t want to lose any of the image, then choose a mirror wrap. Our print team carefully manipulate the image by copying the edge section of the image; then rotating it and using it as the edge print.

Design team tip: If you have detail close to one of the edges you would like to keep on the front please leave this area blank and our design team will correct this to match the front image either by mirroring or duplicating parts from the face of the canvas.

Print Colour

We offer three colour options when you create your own canvas with us:

Original – exactly the same colour as your original photo

Sepia – for a beautiful, traditional finish using brown tones

Black and white – for stylish and atmospheric images by converted your image to a black and white format printed with no colour.

Design team tip: The colours in the print may vary to what you see on screen as monitors can be calibrated differently. Our printers are profiled to match the true colours in an image as closely as possible. Monitors are also powered by list so images can appear lighter and brighter on screen then the final product. If you would like to see a sample of your artwork before printing, we can arrange so a small unframed sample to be posted to you for £1, please contact us to arrange.

Each: £0.00
Each: £0.00
Preview of the front of your canvas

YOUR Canvas!

Please check we have everything correct...

Designer Crop
Canvas Style
Canvas Frame
Edge Style
Edge Colour
Print Colour
Total (each)
  • Images are positioned and cropped correctly
  • Images are clear and don't appear blurry
  • Spellings, dates and times entered are correct
  • Desired specifications are selected correctly