By Mike | 09th September 2014

Autumn inspiration for your canvas

Autumn inspiration for your canvas

We hate to remind you, but yes, summer is pretty much done and dusted for another year - so we thought we'd cheer you up with some ideas for your canvas prints now that we're heading into autumn.

Back to school

After a long break, the kids have finally gone back to school or nursery, giving you two different fantastic opportunities for canvas prints. Firstly, you could take some photos of the children wearing their new school uniforms and set them aside for Christmas presents or for your own family gallery. School time also signals the start of lots of your youngsters’ artistic creations being sent home. Traditionally kids' pictures are stuck on the fridge door with magnets, but you could also choose your favourites for printing on canvas. You could even take this step further and keep them occupied on the weekend by asking them to draw a specific scene, such as a family portrait, for you to print.


It's not long until the kids start knocking on doors collecting sweets for trick or treat. Spend the run-up to Halloween creating an amazing costume for your little one and when the big day arrives, dress them up and take some spooky photos for printing.

Bonfire night

Take a look at local events and plan a family outing to an organised firework display. This will provide plenty of photo opportunities, either of the bonfire and fireworks alone, or using these as a colourful and vibrant backdrop for family photos.

Misty mornings

Many parts of the UK have already had some beautiful misty mornings, and as the weather continues to cool, there should be plenty more too! Take the chance to go for an early morning walk in the country or forest with your camera and capture some beautiful, atmospheric images of nature at its best.

Changing colours

Find a magnificent example of a large, fairly solitary tree local to you and plan a few different snaps; firstly grab a photo quickly while the leaves are still green, and as autumn progresses take another couple of shots from the same position to show its changing colours. You could then print the three images over separate canvases to create a stunning triptych for your home.

Plan Christmas

Yes, we dared to say it! You might not want to think about Christmas just yet, but autumn is the perfect time to start planning presents. If you’re intending on giving some canvas prints as gifts this year, now is the time to start thinking about the photos you may want to use. This will give you plenty of time to search through your digital files, or make arrangements to take some pictures over the coming weeks ready to print.

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