By Mike | 08th August 2013

Brighten up your office with corporate canvas printing

While many people choose canvas prints to decorate their home, there are plenty of other environments that will benefit from a little brightening up too. Consider the average office; clinical and bland working environments are not conducive to innovative and imaginative thinking - by having a little interest on the walls, you can inspire both clients and staff and have a focal point away from the usual desktops and filing cabinets.

Communal areas

Whether it's the waiting room or the kitchen, you can add a little interest and bring the room to life by placing a well chosen canvas print on the wall. In waiting areas, perhaps you could have a few large prints that show the company or building during different stages of its history. For the tea room, a topical photo, perhaps an abstract piece that stimulates the senses and focuses on refreshments could be a good idea. Or even a lovely bright photo of a tea plantation could be a good idea here.

Meeting rooms

This is a great place to adapt canvas prints as case studies. Perhaps you work in the construction industry or you're an architect, in which case you could display some beautiful images of some previous, successful projects to showcase your talents. Maybe you’re a big brand with stores all over the world; you can have images of your flagship stores or even a stunning picture of a well-known tourist attraction in the cities you occupy, with a little text at the bottom to say when you opened there, such as ‘Rome, 2007’.

Individual or group offices

You may want to focus on your industry in the office, or simply display some bright and eye-catching images as an alternative to staring out of the window for inspiration. Talk to the staff and try to get a feel of the types of images that might help to make the work environment a better place for them. You could even invite everyone to submit a couple of photos of their own consideration - although you need to make sure that the images are more generic and personal. For individual offices, you have more freedom of choice, but you still need to keep your canvas prints on the professional side and in keeping with the general atmosphere you want to create.

Consider existing decor

When choosing canvas prints for your workplace, you need to ensure that they fit in with the existing decor. You can pick out colour accents or any existing ornaments and items of interest and carry the theme through into your canvas wall hangings.

Wall of fame

If you have a corridor or any larger wall spaces available, you could have a gallery of canvas photos that show past and present directors or managers, or any other key staff, to welcome those who grace your halls.

Images by association

Another idea you can play with is to think about the services you offer and choose canvas prints that depict the tools of your trade. For accountants, you could have some arty images that show calculators, spreadsheets, piles of money or anything else that relates to what it is that you do. If you're a manufacturer or seller, you can simply choose to display canvas prints of some of your more popular products.

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