By Mike | 18th March 2014

Choosing the colours of your canvas

Whether applied to the world of marketing, design or health, it's a long-held belief that colour has a profound psychological effect on our subconscious - so when you're choosing an image to print onto canvas, it may be worth thinking about the predominant colour of the picture and what it may mean for your mood!

There are differing opinions on colour psychology, and this can vary between different cultures or application purposes. Whether you take it seriously or see it as a bit of fun, we’re going to give you a quick rundown of some of the most common colours used in art and design and their most popular meanings.

Colour full snapshot

Red - we all know that red turns heads; the colour of love and passion, it's certainly one that gets noticed. Red is seen as a stimulating colour, so it can be the ideal focus for a canvas print that's going to be placed in a gym or office space, to keep the body and mind working at an optimum pace.

Orange - orange is believed to have a positive effect on our energy levels; bright and warm, it represents fun, and in a similar way to red, it's believed to have a stimulating effect on your mental productivity. Orange-based prints can work well in areas where you entertain, perhaps your dining room or conservatory. It can also be a good colour for children’s rooms as it's often associated with youth.

Yellow - a colour of new beginnings and purification, this little ray of sunshine will brighten up a dull room and make you and your visitors feel happy and light. A great colour for children's nurseries, you could choose a yellow flower as the focal point of your canvas image in the kitchen or kitchen-diner to show joy and welcome those that you're entertaining.

Blue – the colour of calm and tranquillity and very soothing, blue represents creativity and intelligence. A stunning landscape or seascape with a bright blue sky will help to reduce stress and make those with poor health feel energised and stronger. Blue is popular in offices and hospitals, but in the home, a canvas image with a blue theme works well in bedrooms or relaxing areas such as conservatories and living rooms.

Green - this representation of nature also brings to the subconscious feelings of safety and security. The colour of growth, it's another calming colour that can make us feel relaxed and positive - and even richer too! Green is believed to stimulate wealth as well as health, and as it's so easy on the eye, it's a popular choice for interior design. Use it anywhere and feel the freshness of a spring day!

Purple - most of us associate this colour with luxury and opulence, so if you fancy conveying an air of royalty and class, focus your canvas print around one of the many tones of purple. A warm and prominent colour, purple is popular in bedrooms and dining rooms - also a good choice for girls who want something a little less conventional than the usual pink!

In reality, your canvas print is likely to consist of an array of different colours, or be chosen to resonate with the existing colour theme of your decor – but now you know the different ways that colour can impact on your mood, it may provide some extra food for thought!

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