By Mike | 26th November 2016

How a splash of colour on canvas can transform your kitchen

How a splash of colour on canvas can transform your kitchen

In many houses the kitchen can be a little bit dreary and unloved because we tend to see it as a functional room rather than an opportunity to be creative with our interior design. This week we’re going to show you how you can spruce up your kitchen with an injection of colour – you’ll soon be making any excuse to be in there!

Using canvases to lift the room

There are simple ways to lift the mood of a kitchen without having to resort to redecorating – our favourite is to add a couple of colourful canvases. The beauty of approaching your interior design this way is that you can very quickly make changes to suit the seasons – or just because you want to! Here are a few idea you might like to consider:

  • Use big and bold abstract canvases to make a statement or create a talking point
  • Choose bright and summery colours to lift your mood as you cook
  • Download light-hearted food related images from stock photography sites and print them off in small sets to enhance the theme in your kitchen
  • Summer scenes always look good in a kitchen and help to create a relaxed ambience

Get the paint out and be brave

If you’ve added a few colourful canvases to your kitchen but feel that you could be a little braver, you could always try painting your appliances. Yes, you heard us correctly! Most kitchen appliances can be given a new lease of life with a coat or two of something colourful, and you can use a common scheme to tie together your canvas art and the rest of your kitchen accessories – you might like to try something like:

  • Painting your stovetop with a heat resistant spray paint – don’t be afraid to be really adventurous with the colour!
  • Paint your kettle, fridge and toaster the same shade – accent or compliment the colours in your canvases for a classy look
  • Choose bright turquoise, orange or duck egg blue for your appliances to add a vintage vibe to your kitchen
  • Swap your ugly plastic bin for a traditional metal one and paint it a clean bright colour, but make sureyou keep it cleannow that it’s a feature!

All of these ideas are relatively simple ways to breathe some new life into the room in your home that receives is often neglected.

 As always we encourage you to be creative with your canvas prints and furnishings because it’s a great way to add some aesthetic interest on a budget.


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