By Mike | 10th January 2017

Creating a photo wall with canvases

Feature wall paintings

Creating a photo wall with canvases


We’ve talked before about using canvas prints to improve the interior design of your home, and this week we’re going to explore and expand on the idea of a photo wall as a feature.


Traditionally a photo wall is a collection of framed prints hung on one wall to show off the family, create a conversation piece, or even to share images you’ve captured yourself that you’re particularly proud of.


However, we think that canvas prints work much better because they’re uncluttered and uniform with no need to match frames… or even buy any!

Canvas Prints Feature Wall



Think about who you want to view the images: are they for your family’s benefit or visitors? Are you using the wall as a statement design piece or a means to show off your work? If it’s for family, choose a more private location like a bedroom or study, but if it’s the latter you can choose a big wall in your living space.


Think about design


For many people a photo wall happens by accident when a single picture looks lonely and finds itself with some company! The problem with this approach is that your photo wall can start to look messy and incoherent, rather than a considered and deliberate feature. You could try some of these ideas instead:


  • Stick to symmetry – For example, choose two long canvases to create the outer borders and a matching selection of smaller ones to fill the space in-between

  • Create a shape – This is a bit more advanced and requires some careful planning, but you could build your canvases into a geometric shape like a circle, hexagon, or even a heart – something made much easier with our custom size service

  • Make a neat row  There’s a lot to be said for keeping it simple and going for a triptych or row of matching canvases. This arrangement works best with a series of similarly styled abstracts or related images

Feature wall made from canvas prints

Plan ahead


Once you’ve decided on the shape and content of your photo wall, you need to consider how you arrange the images for the effect you’re looking for. Try to have a focal point by printing one image larger than the others and build the rest of the wall around that canvas.


Sketch out some ideas on paper beforehand and then work out the sizes you’ll need before sending your images over to us to print for you. We can deal with any kind of custom sizing and edging, but we think it’s best to stick to white for a ‘cleaner’ finish to your photo wall.


We hope this idea has inspired you to create a photo wall in your home – or more accurately, a canvas print wall! You never know, you might start a trend amongst your friends and family!

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