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DIY Male Boudoir Photos for Christmas

DIY Male Boudoir Photos for Christmas

Last week we posted an article with loads of advice for DIY boudoir photo shoots, so the ladies can give their partners a romantic, personalised Christmas present - so this week it's the boys' turn!

Male boudoir photography is also known as dudoir or dudeoir photography (yep, laugh it up!) and it can be a fab way of making your partner smile - though maybe not a present to hand over in front of the family! It doesn't have to be serious either, you can do it very 'tongue in cheek' and treat it as a bit of a laugh if you're not confident enough to take it more seriously.

First of all, check out the DIY boudoir tips from last week for advice on equipment, lighting and post-production as the basic principles are the same for guys and girls. However, sexy lingerie, teased locks and heavy make-up aren't going to apply here, so you need to think of other ways to style yourself for your shoot. Here are some ideas...

Dressing up

Of course, you may want to undress rather than dress up, but for a cheeky approach, you could live out your partner's fantasies and hire a costume for the day. A policeman or fireman's uniform is a great idea, or even style yourself as an 'officer and gentleman' and wear a navy outfit for the shoot. You could also try greasy mechanic or an apron-only chef look. If dressing up really isn't for you, try a head and shoulder shoot, bare torso or stick to simple accessories like a bow tie, waistcoat or dog tags. For a REALLY cheeky shoot, bare all and cover your x-rated bits with a bowler or top hat, drape a towel over you or slip into a pair of designer jockey shorts.

Confidence boost

Black and white images are likely to give the best result and will highlight your muscle tone better than colour photos. Or try a spray tan to give you a bit of colour. You could even book in a wax if you're feeling really brave and think it'll go down well with the lucky recipient of your dudoir photos!


Another idea is to choose a theme. Sport is a popular choice, as you can personalise your shoot to reflect your hobbies. Think tennis racket, rugby or footballs, or anything else that chimes with your favourite activity. Flowers are also a good one for a more romantic style - who wouldn't want to be presented with a bunch of red roses by the hunk in their life?! You can even choose to go black and white but retain the red of the flowers for a hint of colour.

Water is also a nice way of getting some texture and movement into your image, but you'll need to ensure your bathroom is well ventilated to stop your camera steaming up. Water running down your face or body can look pretty hot, or you could even go rugged and take some snaps of you shaving off your designer stubble.

If you don't want your face staring down at you from the wall, you can always choose another feature to focus on. The chest is a favourite spot for women, so focus the camera there and take some snaps of you undoing the top buttons of a smart shirt. Another idea is to shoot from behind - you can try different poses to accentuate your back muscles and then create a stronger effect by changing the colour density and contrast when you turn them to black and white on your computer. The same goes for a work-out picture – focus on your arms while doing some biceps curls to pump up your muscles.

As with any personal photography project, the main thing is to be comfortable and think about what suits you, and what your partner will like. It's meant to be fun, so try a few different ideas and once you've got one you're really happy with, send it to us and we'll print it into canvas ready for wrapping and putting under the tree.

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