By Mike | 23rd September 2013

Ensuring quality for your canvas photo prints

We recently posted an article about the printers and inks that we use for our canvas photo printing services; while quality equipment and products are essential in order to give you the best end result, we also take care of other important elements of your canvas prints to ensure that you're happy with your investment.

We all know that however careful we are when taking or selecting photos for printing, it’s often the case that we when we find the image we want, there will be something that, in hindsight, could be improved. Our printing experts here at Your Image to Canvas are more than happy to take care of those little niggles for you though, so that your photo print is of the highest standard possible.

Some of the things that we can do to give you a great finished result include:

Red eye - Imagine that you've taken the perfect photo of your partner, parent, child or whoever your chosen subject may be, only to find that their eyes have that terrible devil glare! There’s no need to worry about this at all; instead of rejecting that photo, just send it along to us and we will remove the red eye so that your image is unspoiled.

Colour balance - while your image may be beautifully composed and have all of the details that you want, sometimes the tones, shadows, brightness and colours aren't quite right. If you send your JPEG image along to us, we will rebalance these important elements to give you a beautiful image that’s the eight quality and ready for printing.

Retouching - whether it's a digital image that has an unsightly time and date stamp in the corner, a scratch or mark across the picture, or even an unwanted blemish on a beautiful face, we will take care of a little retouching and tidying up for you completely free of charge. For more complex and labour intensive requirements, we may need to provide you with a quote for tidying up your picture before printing onto one of our canvases - just send it along to us and we'll take a look and let you know.

Resizing and cropping - sometimes you'll have the perfect picture for printing onto canvas, but the proportions or composition isn't quite right. If that's the case, don't worry; our image upload function will allow you to scale the image and position it against the canvas dimensions so that you can crop out unwanted details or excessive amounts of background and get the exact finished product that you're looking for. If you’re having trouble and need some help or advice, just get in touch and we’ll help you to resize or crop the images to get it just right.

Final colour finish – taken a picture in colour have decided you want a black and white or sepia image on your wall? No worries – we can take care of that for you too! We can print in colour, black and white or sepia without compromising on the final quality, so just say the word and we’ll give you the colour finish you want.

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