By Mike | 22nd May 2013

Some great ideas for creative canvas prints

Get creative with canvas prints!

While standard family photos or location shots are popular choices for canvas prints, sometimes you might want something a little more fun or creative. Canvas prints are incredibly versatile, with the option to transfer any image at all onto this cost-effective format - a little ‘outside of the box’ thinking is all you need to create a unique canvas that'll help you stamp your personality on your home. Here are some ideas for getting creative with canvas...

Use stock images

stock photos

One way of choosing something that hasn't come from your own photo library is to register with one of the many stock image sites that you can find on the Internet - iStock is probably the best known site with literally thousands of images to choose from. If you have a particular hobby, favourite city or unusual interest, you can use this as a search term to find a photo that encapsulates this part of your character.

Comic canvas creations!

comic book images ideas

For those who want a real splash of colour or perhaps something for a children's bedroom, why not select a storyboard or comic strip for your canvas? By using a square canvas for each individual section, you can recreate a dazzling display of entertainment right across your wall, giving you a comic book creation that will really bring your room to life.

Some pictures are just meant to be seen, the image below of all superhero’s standing together truly look stunning on canvas, any young man would love to have something like this in there own private space!

comic book superheros to canvas

Words and pictures

Another great idea is to use your canvas prints to spell out a word or a name; iStock and other similar sites will have plenty of creative letter images that you can combine on a series of prints - another great idea for a kid’s room that will add a real touch of personalisation to their private space. You can also take an image you like and use software to write a quote or caption over the image, giving you a great mixture of words and splet from 4 canvas prints

Family trees

If you like the idea of using family photos but you don't want anyone to be left out, why not create a gorgeous family tree? Find a stencil or template online or get hands-on with a paint brush and paint and create a simple tree design on a plain wall. Then select your favourite photo of each person in your family and have them printed on a variety of shapes and sizes so that you can place these on top of your tree image. Start with your great grandparents at the top of the tree, and place photos of each generation, in age order, as you go further down. This is a much more specialised way of presenting your family pictures and will be an impressive point of interest for anybody who visits your home.

Remember that you're never stuck with just a photo that you've taken - by using a basic photo editor on your computer, you can crop and rearrange pictures to get the exact picture that you want on your canvas. If you have any other great creative ideas for canvas prints, why not send them in and we’ll share them with our readers!

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