By Mike | 04th August 2014

Go crazy with canvas and get your kids involved!

Go crazy with canvas and get your kids involved!

Just because you've chosen to have a photo printed onto canvas, that doesn't mean you have to stop there! With the summer holidays stretching ahead for several more weeks yet, you could use your canvas purchase as an opportunity to let your kids unleash their creative talents.

Remember those lentil pictures you used to make at school? Well this is the new, improved version of those - but with a bit more ‘bling’ and a finished result that you'll actually want to put on display!

Great as a present for grandparents or even as a picture for the kids' room, here's how to create a work of art from a canvas print base.

What you'll need

A photo of a person, a group of family or friends, a landscape picture or a stock image from the Internet - send it to us and we'll print it onto your chosen canvas size and post it straight out to you. You'll have it within a day or two.

While you wait, gather the following items:

  • Glue or a glue stick - good quality so your art will last!

  • A selection of glitter, beads, sequins, colourful material or paper and anything else you can pick up from a craft store or haberdashery shop that could be used to jazz up your picture.

Getting started 

It's important that you can step away from your picture while you're working so you can see how it's shaping up. For this reason, it's best to work on the floor so you can stand above it to view, or take a photo on your phone to look at and gauge the finished effect.

Lay out a sheet or blanket on the floor to capture any mess, so you can shake it out or empty into your bin after you've finished – sequins and glitter can get everywhere! Place your canvas print in the middle of your sheet and set out individual containers with your extra items in all around you.

Get to work!

It's important to get your artful additions looking good - so don't start sticking yet! Take various items and lay them on top of the canvas image while you work on the design.

Use sequins to follow a curved line, such as the outline of a face or shape of a hill. Apply beads and other items to highlight different aspects of the picture. You could decorate a tree, someone's eyes as if they're wearing glamorous make up, add glimmer to the sky or improve someone's dress sense! Just keep working over the image until you've found the best way to draw out details or add your own with your materials.

Once you're happy with your new design, you can start methodically working through your additions, lifting them and then gluing them back into place. Hey presto! You now have a glorious and unique, hand crafted canvas print to give as a present or hang in your home - a real, one-off original!


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