By Mike | 11th November 2013

A brief guide to taking great autumn photographs

Last week we looked at the changing of seasons and the wonderful opportunities that autumn presents for capturing incredible images for your canvas prints. While finding the right subject or landscape may be a no-brainer, unless you're a professional photographer it can be hard to know how to make the most of the light and colours that this season brings. Here we’ll take a brief look at making the most of autumn photography - which you can then upload & use to create your canvas.

The right light

Autumn brings different types of light which in turn will create different effects for your canvas prints. If you head out to take photos on an overcast day, this will provide some beautiful soft lighting for a gentle image of autumn – so don’t discard the idea of taking photos just because the sky is a little grey. Alternatively, if you can pack up your camera and get out just before the sun sets or straight after it rises, this will give you extra vibrant colours and a lovely warm light to work with. Aim to use a low ISO setting and try shots with and without flash so that you can experiment until you find the perfect results for your prints.

To make the most of the vibrant palette of colours on the trees around you, try a little backlighting. If you can shoot the trees and leaves from below, facing up towards the sky, the oranges and reds will really come to life and add another dimension to your autumn photograph.

Atmosphere is everything

To create a really atmospheric shot, you can also take advantage of the rolling mist that can be so common at this time of year. After a cold night, the warm morning sun encourages the mist to rise and provides a soft light for your shoot – couple this with the lighting properties of the early morning and you can create some truly exceptional landscapes for printing onto canvas.

Because autumn can bring hazy days that never seem to quite clear, you may think that these are off-limits when it comes to a day of photography. That's not necessarily the case though; by using a polarising filter you can get a fantastic saturation of colours - and this type of filter will also brighten up the blue skies in your photograph, which will translate beautifully onto canvas.

Another great tip for awesome, autumnal photography is to play with your white balance settings. If your camera is set to automatic, you won't necessarily achieve the vibrancy of colours that you're looking for. By increasing the colour temperature a little you can warm up those autumn hues - and if you only have pre-programmed settings, try switching to ‘cloudy’ to achieve a similar effect.

Another neat trick for capturing outdoor images at this time of year is to slightly underexpose your shots. This will give you a deeper saturation - and remember you don't necessarily need an incredible camera to do this, as you can always take care of this element in post-production using software like Photoshop.

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