By Mike | 29th October 2009

High quality canvases

Quality canvas prints

No-one wants to pay for a canvas prints that looks old and tired after a few months.

The idea of having a personalised canvas print on your wall is an idea that appeals to many people – but don’t rush into it. You must be sure that the canvas company you choose can give you the quality you need, or your money will be wasted.

Choosing a canvas print company

The quality of the canvas prints depends on several different factors, and a printing company needs to be able to get all of them spot-on if your canvas is to last:

  • Reproduction – the way your digital photo or file is transferred to the canvas is important. There are dedicated software packages that help printers to keep your picture looking great, no matter how much it is enlarged. It’s vital that the proportions are kept the same, that the colours are properly reproduced and that the clarity of the photograph is retained.

  • The canvas – one of the most important parts of a canvas prints is the canvas itself. Inferior quality canvas may not hold the ink properly during printing, causing “bleeding” of one colour into another. Poor quality canvas material may also cause the colours in the photograph to fade over time, so it’s important that your printer uses the best quality canvas material for printing – artist grade and designed specifically for photo printing.

  • Stretchers – your canvas needs to be stretched over a frame in order to achieve the best look, and the quality and manufacture of the stretchers is as important as the type of canvas used. Stretchers for canvas prints are normally made of wood, which needs to be light and durable, but not likely to warp. The strength of the stretcher is important, as the canvas needs to be tightly stretched and held in place in order to give a great finish.

  • Printers – of course, you want to be sure that your canvas print is produced using top quality printers and inks. Some canvas companies may use cheaper inks to save money, but this will result in lower quality canvas prints that have a short lifetime. By using the best inks and dedicated printers, you can be sure that your photograph will be faithfully reproduced, dot for dot.

Yourimage2canvas is dedicated to ensuring that the moments that are special to you can be transferred to sizeable prints that you can display for all to see. Whether you are looking for great quality smaller canvas prints, or larger prints that you can hang on your wall, our years of experience will ensure that you get the picture quality you need at a price you can afford. We can turn your photo to canvas print, with all the cleaning up and reproduction you need in order to get the best results. Contact us now through the website to find out more about our digital print services or to order your canvas prints today.

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