By Mike | 30th October 2009

Theres a revolution happening

Welcome to the 21st century- The only way to display your photographs

There’s a revolution happening in interior design: wall art. Printed on canvas, with an invisible frame, wall art is the contemporary way to display prints. Times have moved on! No longer are we stuck with the traditional style of framing pictures. I’m sure we’ve all been the proud owner of a gilded style picture frames at some stage in our lives. In fact, until recently we didn’t have much choice in the matter. We’re not convinced that it’s always right for displaying contemporary prints, however times have moved on and a new era of pictures has developed and canvas prints were developed. An initiative way to frame your prints with the sleek look on interior design homes

Traditional frames add their own character to a piece of artwork, inevitably changing how it is viewed in some way. This can make it difficult to pick the right frame for a print, as well as one that will look good in your room. If you want to change your picture at a later date, you’re stuck with the frame.

Fast-forward to the 21st century, and these problems are solved with canvas prints from Yourimage2canvas! No longer do you have to buy an expensive print, and an even more expensive frame to display it. Now, the print and frame are harmoniously combined as a stunning canvas print.

The artwork now takes its rightful place at centre-stage, with the frame doing its important support work behind the scenes. Your beautiful canvas print will hang boldly on the wall, viewable in three dimensions,

We think it’s high time to cast aside the artistic anachronism of the traditional frame and embrace the new revolution in wall art… Photo to canvas art

Canvas prints can be created for your home or office walls, according to your own individual style and taste.

You can find an array of canvas prints by researching online or from an art store for an artist or theme of your choice. Canvas prints are easy to buy and you can find one at almost any size to suit your needs. Usually you can choose canvas prints that are framed or unframed, for your convenience.

Many people buy canvas prints online because it is a cost effective way of collecting artwork. A tip for beginners is to buy a few canvases in one purchase from one online canvas print retailer to save on the shipping costs.

When you buy a canvas prints, another tip is to think about the longevity of the piece. Will it last for a long time in terms of quality, and will it gain some value in the long term? There are advantages in purchasing a numbered print of a landscape, portrait or abstract piece by a famous or partly famous artist, as it will increase valuable as time passes.

When you are buying online, firstly, you should make certain you purchase a high quality canvas that is treated against ageing and watermarks. Check if you can choose the frame you prefer as customised frames are recommended, so your canvas can work alongside your colour scheme and choice of designs.

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