By Mike | 19th May 2014

More tips for great travel photography

Last week we posted some helpful tips for capturing great images while you're travelling - after all, why buy a canvas print when you can create your own from photos that have real, personal meaning?

Here are some more tips for travel photography to help you record your holiday memories...

  1. Limit your equipment - a minimalist approach is always better when travelling. If the weather is hot, you really don't want to be lugging a heavy bag around with you and stopping to switch lenses is inconvenient and will undoubtedly get on your companions' nerves after a while! Switching lenses will also expose your sensor to dust, so you’ll spend half of your holiday cleaning it! Choose an all-purpose lens and if you see something further off that you want photograph and don't have the zoom capability you want, just walk a bit closer!

  2. Go compact - A good eye is really all you need for great travel photography - so don't think you need to take your high grade camera. A good compact camera will do just as well, with the added advantage of being able to fit it in your pocket or day bag.

  3. Go manual - The auto settings on your compact camera are fine enough, but if it has manual options, don't be afraid to use them. The most useful setting to adjust is the ISO, which will help you to set up a shot for the right light conditions. Choose 80/200 for clear skies and strong sunshine, 400/800 for dawn, dusk or cloudy days and 1600 if you're shooting at night or in a dark room.

  4. Mini tripod - Even if you want to keep your equipment to a minimum, you can still take a tripod. There are plenty of compact, lightweight tripods around and using one will reduce shake and give you clearer pictures which will translate better when printed onto canvas. You can also use your tripod so you can have your chance in front of the camera and take some group photos without your lovely face missing from them! Do be careful though; if you're taking shots outside, check there's no one around who might seize the opportunity to run off with your camera and all those holiday memories it contains.

  5. Travel safely - Following on from above, you need to be aware of potential crime when travelling. Tourists can be seen as 'easy pickings' because they're relaxed and distracted. Always carry your camera on a strap around your neck and NEVER leave it on the table while enjoying a drink or bite to eat. A bigger, more expensive camera will be more appealing to thieves too, which is another benefit of considering a compact digital for your trip. Research the area you're visiting before you go and take note of any crime hotspots.

Hopefully these tips will help you to take some great shots while away – be sure to send them to us for printing when you’re done!

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