By Mike | 11th August 2014

Read all about it! Make headlines with your canvas prints

Read all about it! Make headlines with your canvas prints

There are plenty of ways you can jazz up a canvas portrait; from professional post production manipulation to simply converting into black and white, you can add a little extra touch before printing fairly easily with the right tools. Think this is as good as it gets though? Think again, we've got news for you!

We've got a great idea for really making headlines with the portrait or image you've chosen for your canvas print and it will make the most awesome birthday, wedding, anniversary or Christmas gift too! Here's how to turn heads with a front page scoop on a friend or family member...

1 - Photo selection

You need a GREAT, digital picture of your subject (or gift recipient). Find either a good portrait photo or gather some different pictures that show their funny side or a particular event or special moment. It's good to have a few choices as it will make the next step easier.

2 - Create a story

Using your photos for inspiration, write a newspaper style story to accompany one of them. It can be a funny, sensationalist story or a more heart-warming piece. Include specific details and perhaps even a comment from yourself, or someone else they know, about the event or situation. Get someone to proofread it if you can, just to double check it reads well and has no spelling or grammar errors. Length-wise, keep it to around 150-250 words.

3 - Choose a publication

You can either make your up own name (something the fits with the story and the theme perhaps, or even using a place name, such as their village, in the title) or choose a well known paper or magazine as your 'brand'.

4 - Put it all together!

Now you need to create your front page – take a look at a local paper or nearby magazine to use as a real example to help. You can use a Word document for this if you don't have more sophisticated desktop publishing software, as it allows you to wrap the text around the image.

You'll need to design a basic logo/title to place in the top left corner; Word art will be sufficient and is very easy to use. Put a date in the top right corner - their birthday or wedding date is a great choice, if that's the purpose of the finished product. Place this in the 'header' section of the document.

Then decide where you want to place your image - to the left hand side works well. Once you’ve inserted your image, copy in the story text and wrap that around the image. You can always fill in any dead space or the bottom footer with some further news snippets about the recipient - just use your imagination!

If you struggle with putting it all together, you could always hire a local graphic designer to give it a professional finish. They would probably only charge an hour's work for something this basic.

5 - Print it!

Send your saved digital file to us using our simple online order form and we'll print, pack and send your canvas front page print within a day or 2!

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