By Mike | 28th October 2013

Canvas photo printing - things to consider

No matter what your reason for considering canvas photo printing, here are a few thoughts and ideas to help you decide if this is the best medium for you.

Quality and choice

First things first; canvas photo prints can be a great option if you want something that's going to stand the test of time. With high-quality inks and printing processes, one advantage of printing onto canvas is that they finished product will retain its integrity and vivid colours for much longer than a standard photograph. Traditionally printed photos can fade over a relatively short timescale – even as quickly as 10 or 15 years - leaving an inferior image and a feeling of disappointment in your investment.

The amount of choice available when it comes to canvas printing services is also a big draw; just by sitting down at your computer or browsing on a mobile device you'll soon find a veritable banquet of canvas printers to choose from, ensuring that you can find the best deal possible.

While there are some canvas photo printers available on the high street, it's important to bear in mind that these companies will have increased overheads purely because they have to cover the costs of their physical shop – which pushes their production prices up. Therefore, generally speaking, online canvas printers should be able to give you a better price - and many often run special offers and vouchers, which is another way of saving some pennies.

Making adjustments for the best finish

When it comes to choosing your photo printing, as we've moved into the digital photographic age, you’ll have access to more than enough photos from which to select your chosen print. One thing you want to check though is that the resolution is of a good enough quality for the image to translate well onto the canvas itself.

Remember that any good canvas photo company will be happy to offer their advice and check through your chosen photo before printing, to make sure it's of a good enough quality. In fact, providing you choose a printer with good customer service, you should also be able to get them to adjust any digital photo that may need bringing up to scratch. Lens dust, red eye, smudges and smears are likely to show up on your finished printed product, so it's worth asking your canvas provider if they can tidy these things up for you.

Printing from a non-digital photo

It may well be that the photo that you want to print onto canvas is an old-school physical photograph that was taken before the digital revolution. There's no reason that you can't print one of these photos onto canvas; you just need to scan the image onto your computer, making sure that you use the highest resolution setting available on your equipment. If you don't have a scanner or you're worried that the quality will not make the grade, speak to your canvas printer who should be happy to provide this service for you.

Look out for feedback and examples

When you're comparing potential canvas photo print professionals, have a good look around their website and make sure that the quality they offer is consistent with the prices they’re charging. It doesn't hurt to have a look around for real customer reviews either - the true proof of any service is feedback from past customers. You can even ask them to send you some examples of finished prints that they've produced for others. Do they look like they're cleanly produced? Is the canvas stretched tightly over the frame? Are the corners nice and neat?

You'll also want to ensure that the ordering process is nice and simple too – nobody wants to fight with a complicated upload tool! Look for canvas photo printers that have an easy online ordering system where you can submit your image, make any adjustments you require and send it off for a fast turnaround.

Here at Your Image to Canvas, we pride ourselves on both our quality products and our customer service. We’ll never leave you struggling or stranded – so just give us a call if you have any questions at all or need any help and we’ll be more than happy to oblige!

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