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An Alternative Take On The Printed Canvas Collage

10 February, 2021

An Alternative Take On The Printed Canvas Collage

Collages are a very popular format for canvas prints – but many people find the prospect of designing one a little daunting. Collating the images you want to use is one thing, but then navigating software in order to arrange those images is quite another! Of course there’s the expense to consider too – the software that tends to come pre-loaded onto PCs and laptops isn’t very sophisticated, offering limited capabilities, and you’re unlikely to want to invest in professional photo editing software like Photoshop for a one-off project.

Making printed canvas collages can be difficult for the uninitiated for other reasons too – not all of us are gifted with an artistic eye and making a decision on how to organise the photos you want to use can be pretty tricky! You can literally spend hours reconfiguring the layout and still not feel confident that it’ll work once you get it printed and put on the wall.

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An easier way to design your photo collage

If the above sounds familiar but you really want a collection of photos of your family and friends to grace your interior, then we have a great alternative to the more traditional collage to suggest...

It may not be the dictionary definition of a collage, but who says you need to print your images all onto one canvas?! With their straight lines, right angles and flat edges, you can create your ‘collage’ one piece at a time as you hang it – giving you ultimate flexibility and the chance to play around with your layout in situ.

All you need to do is select your photos and have them printed onto individual canvases – then once you receive them, the fun can really begin. Simply clear some floor space and start laying them out in a variety of designs; you can swap the pictures around until you hit on the perfect layout and then transfer them piece-by-piece onto the wall. You can select a variety of sizes and shapes, or build a selection of smaller images around one larger, central photo – the choice is entirely yours. You can also choose to hang them with space around each canvas, or with the edges flush with one another.

This versatile approach means that you don’t need to commit to a design in advance – you can take your time to decide how to arrange them and ask for other people’s opinions too if you’re not sure.

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10 February, 2021


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