By Mike | 16th June 2014

10 unusual wedding pictures to capture on canvas

With summer being the most popular season for weddings, we thought we'd offer some inspiration for some slightly more unusual ideas for photos that will look great when turned into beautiful canvas prints and hung on your wall.

These images will look fantastic as an alternative to the usual poses, so if you're due to get married, why not run them by your photographer before the big day?

  1. Hands - a picture of the happy couple's hands showing the newly placed rings, linking little fingers in a 'pinky promise' or even one with both sets of parents' hands too – layer them up with the bride and groom’s hands on the top of the pile.

  2. Dress detail - a shot of the bride from the back showing a different side of the dress and the glamorous hairstyle can be very subtle yet stunning.

  3. Flowers - They don't last forever but are an integral part of the bride's outfit; position the bouquet in the foreground, with the bride, or bride and groom in softer focus in the background for a more colourful wedding canvas.

  4. Catch! - Capture the bride throwing her bouquet in the air with the girls ready to catch - you can take this from the front or even from above if possible.

  5. Cheers! - Toasting each other with champagne adds a detail that encapsulates the celebratory nature of the day and if you want something a little more sensual, you can position the bride and groom close to the clinking glasses, ready to take a sip, with just their lips showing. I nice image for a more personal space, like the bedroom.

  6. With this ring - A picture of the rings overlapping on a coloured cushion creates a simple yet a symbolic message and a good alternative to photos focusing on the bride and groom.

  7. Love hearts - Another handy idea; make a heart with your hands, perhaps framing something else in the background, such as the setting sun, the venue, the bride’s bouquet or the flower girl.

  8. Getting ready - If you're going with the reportage style of wedding photography, line up the bridesmaids either side of a full length mirror, looking at a reflection of the bride, perfectly framed within.

  9. A bit of fun – Get the groom and his groomsmen acting out the evolution of man, with the groom being the last to feature as modern man you may need to draw straws for the other positions, as you may find nobody wants to be the first stage, practically on all fours!

  10. Frame it - if you're printing your favourite wedding photos on canvas, then obviously, the pictures won't have a physical frame. Make this a feature of the image itself by taking a lovely vintage frame with you and asking the flower girl and page boy, chief bridesmaid and best man, or the parents of the happy couple to hold the frame up with the bride and groom stood in the background, showing within the frame.

These are just some interesting perspectives you can consider for your wedding photos to canvas, but with a little imagination, we're sure you can come up with some unusual ideas yourself!

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