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Buddha pictures for wall decoration – types and ideas

14 October, 2022

 Buddha pictures for wall decoration – types and ideas

Buddha pictures for wall decoration – types and ideas

Buddha pictures have been a very popular choice of artwork for some time, and their calming essence continues to appeal. There’s a beautiful and long standing history around the display of Buddha; pictures for wall art are very popular in the western hemisphere, while sculptures are loved in both the east and west. But one thing’s for sure, they really do add a lovely touch…

In this blog, we’re going to look at different types of Buddha imagery and where you could place them around your home.

Who is the Buddha and what do the different poses mean?

Lord Buddha is a central figure in the Buddhist faith, and is also important to the Hindu faith too. In statues and artworks he’s depicted in different poses or ‘asanas’, often holding different ‘mudras’ or hand gestures.

The asana and mudra in artwork represents a certain time in the Buddha’s life and is believed to have particular significance. Here are a few of the most common ones you might find.

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Protection and courage

A seated Buddha with right hand raised and facing forwards represents protection and fearlessness.


This Buddha is sat cross legged with his hands in his lap, facing upwards. He signifies serenity, calm and meditation.


Another seated Buddha, this time with a bowl in his left hand, and his right hand face up near the ground… this represents health and healing.

Repelling the ocean

In this pose, the Buddha is standing with hands out, almost as if he were saying ‘stop’. This posture is also called preventing the relatives from fighting, so you might want to pop this one in your guest room!

Choosing the perfect Buddha pictures for your space

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When you’re in the process of choosing Buddha pictures for your own walls, you need to choose the right piece for the room.

Here are some ideas to help:

●    Choose a framed print of the Buddha in a meditation posture, in cool blue or green and place it in a study, conservatory or yoga room – or any place you want to feel calm in your home.

●    Find an image of the Buddha in the medicine asana in gorgeous warming colours; we can make it into a canvas to hang in the bedroom of someone with health issues.

●    Buy yourself some Buddha pictures - in colours that match your living room decor - where he’s holding the protection pose, to add a feeling of comfort and safety.

Buddha pictures make a gorgeous addition to any home – and now you know how to choose the perfect poses for you!

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14 October, 2022

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