By Mike | 13th May 2013

Trade Canvas Prints & Bulk Canvas Printing for Businesses

Yourimage2canvas offers the most reliable canvas printing service in the UK; we deal with hundreds of orders on a daily basis from small prints to the bulk ordering needs of large corporations. We understand how important your reputation is and we never fail on a deadline. Your reputation is as important as our very own, it’s the morals the company was built on, to offer great quality trade canvas prints at an everyday low price.

How do we operate?

We are a family run business based in Fitzwilliam close to Pontefract, West Yorkshire and we all have a passion for what we do, every canvas that leaves us is checked, checked and then checked again. From start to finish of the manufacturing process, every aspect of the process is dealt with efficiency. If we think we can improve something we will contact you regarding this, even if this means altering the size; even at our own expense to make sure it is perfect. If we believe that your image could be sized slightly different to how you have ordered to produce a better print; we will improve it using our expert knowledge including free red eye removal and blemishes, to removal of random people in the background of the image. That is what Your Image 2 Canvas is about, if we believe we can improve an image to the best it can be then this is what we will do; we don’t want you to be happy with your canvas, we want to blow you away. It’s the little things along the way that sets us apart and this is why large corporations such as the BBC, JAGUAR, ITV, FERRARI-OPUS MEDIA and countless TV programs and many many more trust Yourimage2canvas for there canvas printing needs.

Ok you know what we are about; how can we help?

If you are reading this page then it’s likely you are after more than one canvas print, this is something we can defiantly help you with. I’m guessing you may also be after a bit of extra discount? Depending on what current promotion we have on our site we may not be able to offer any further discount as we keep our prices very competitive and we belief we are the lowest price trade canvas printing company in the UK, we conduct regular price check so you don’t have to. If you do happen to come across another website offering the same great service and product as ourselves then get in touch and we would be more than happy to see if we could beat it for you.

Down to business!

We deal with large orders of canvas prints every single day from orders ranging from 6 – 10 from 10 - 20, right up to order of hundreds. Each order is different and each order needs to be dealt with uniquely, orders of 10 or less are relatively easy, depending on how busy we are we can complete no with no time delays we just need to allocate a few hours of printing and prep the staff to ensure the order is complete.

Some orders are a bit more demanding we recently had a company after 100 canvas prints of the same image for a campaign they were having. We were extremely busy with other orders and the company needed them on Friday, after placing the order on Wednesday at 3.30 pm. They have been a great company to deal with over the last few years and we gave them our word we would complete it for them. Although, as they understood the amount of work involved in such a small timeframe; they said they would be more than happy to receive just half of the order to start their campaign. Half a job at Yourimage2canvas is just not good enough! Deadlines are what we do best and we got straight to work. Our deadline for next day delivery had already passed (3pm) therefore after completing that days dispatch; we moved our focus of work straight onto this order. Trade canvas prints and bulk canvas printing is what we love so get in touch today to make your order.

100 canvas prints ready for stretching

bulk order of canvases been manufactured

YI2C team member carefully trimming and completing the canavses

final quailty controlClose up of a handfull of the order

prints ready for packaging


This is how the order went:


3.30pm - Order confirmed

3.45pm – Print was sized up by one of our print technicians and sent across to the printer to rip.

3.50pm – Images nested on the Epson 11880 printer and the images were set off printing with a print time of 2 hour 25min for 100 8”x10” prints

3.50pm – Frames were taken from our stock supply and stacked carefully, ready to start stretching.


(A liitle earlier start than we are used to)

6.00am -Images cut out and put onto the work station

6.10am – 3 staff members started stretching

8.30am – ALL 100 canvas prints were manufactured ready for trimming and final check to ensure no defects were on any prints. These were then stacked ready for packing.

8.30am – 2 staff members started organising packaging stations to accommodate 100 prints as well as manufacturing the boxes

9.30am – ALL 100 canvases were individually wrapped then packaged together for convenience of our client who was going to ship directly to his clients

9.35am – Consignment booked in via our courier, labelled up and ready for our next collection at 4.30pm


9.00am Friday - Order delivered and signed for – ORDER COMPLETE

This order was completed in-between all our other work and in this case a few staff members stayed a little later than originally planned but this is what sets Yourimage2canvas apart we always go that extra mile. If you are interested in ordering a large volume of bespoke canvas prints then give us a call, we guarantee you will not be disappointed. Whether you’re after one print or hundreds of prints then give us a call we guarantee we will not be beaten on price or service! When you give us a deadline we know how important it is to hit it and we will not let you down.

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