By Mike | 03rd December 2013

Canvas collages – the uniquely personal Christmas gift

We’ve mentioned the idea of creating a collage for a canvas print in a previous post, but with Christmas just around the corner, we think it’s worth exploring this idea in more detail. While you could give your family and friends the usual, uninspired Christmas gifts like pants, socks and smellies this year, you’ll definitely make a bigger impact (and earn some brownie points!) if you make a bit more of an effort.

The beauty of creating a collage and then having it professionally printed onto canvas is that you can choose any size you like and any theme too. You can do a small one for each family member as a small, personal memento, or choose a larger sized canvas to give a really good overview of their life and loves.

You can select your own pictures and arrange them however you wish to make an ultra-personal Christmas gift that will literally last a lifetime, due to the great quality of the materials and ink used in their production.

How do you make an eye-catching collage?

Firstly, you need a good selection of photos. If it’s a friend that you’re designing it for, enlist the help of some of their other friends or family members to get a better choice of images to use. Try to get some photos of birthday parties, fun pictures taken on holidays and also a few of them when they were younger too – a cute baby photo will always go down well and elicit a few giggles when it’s unwrapped. You want the end result to be a great talking point, so make sure the photos really mean something to them and depict important times in their life, including some images of you and them together, to make it more personal between the giver and recipient.

For family, you can do much the same thing, but also think about some old black and white pictures of older family members, perhaps even getting some that show loved ones who are no longer living, so it shows their heritage and has a really heart-warming aspect to it. If you have old photos that are a little dog-eared, you can send them off for retouching and repair before you scan them into your computer to include in the finished piece so that the quality is consistent across the whole piece.

For a canvas collage for your partner, choose photos that show your life and history together; make sure you add engagement photos, a few wedding pictures if you’re married and don’t forget your children or any pets you have or have had in the past.

Collages can be a bit ‘busy’, so you might want to pay close attention to colours or even add a few photos of places and landscapes that mean something to them too – this will help break up the faces and more animated images you choose. You can even try interspersing the photos with some graphics, such as dates of important events or words that you associate with them.

‘Personal’ is definitely the keyword; make the collage as relevant as possible and think about the images that will really mean something special to them. Have fun creating it and take time to rearrange the photos in your software programme until you settle on the best final design – then you can send them off to us and we’ll deliver your gorgeous Christmas gift t you in time for the festivities!

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