By Mike | 02nd April 2014

Canvas fun for the Easter holidays

Easter is just around the corner and the kids are due to break up for 2 weeks of fun – but how do you keep the youngsters amused? Days out are a great idea, but we all know that the British weather isn’t always reliable! Having a reserve plan for a rainy day makes great sense - so how about letting the kids loose with some paints and paper and creating a wonderful canvas print for you to hang on your walls?

While getting the children to sit quietly and create a masterpiece may not seem such an easy task, there are ways of getting them engaged, while also giving you multiple opportunities to find the best image for printing onto canvas. You don’t need to set them a task of painting a specific picture – let their imaginations run free and create a bigger piece of art from which you can select a section for printing. Here’s how you do it...

rabbit on easter eggs

  1. Get an old roll of leftover wallpaper or some large sheets of scrap paper.

  2. Sellotape them together to make a HUGE blank canvas and lay it on the floor. If you’re using wallpaper, sellotape the patterned side and turn it over so you have the blank side facing up.

  3. Dig out some old shirts or t-shirts to cover their clothes – things may get a little messy!

  4. Get a variety of poster paints in different colours and paintbrushes – or let younger children use their fingers!

  5. You can also cut out some shapes and stencils using card, potatoes or sponges.

  6. Let the children sit around the edge of the paper (removing shoes and socks first) and give them a free reign to paint and create.

  7. Encourage them to use as many colours as possible and paint pictures, shapes, splashes of colour or print with your pre-cut sponges etc.

  8. Once they’re done, wash their hands and wait for the paint to dry.

  9. Decide on the size of canvas you want to print on – you can use our site as a guide to different sizes available or create your own dimensions.

  10. Cut out some strips of inch-wide card and tape or staple them to make a frame – use the dimensions you’ve chosen for your canvas print as a guide and make sure you account for the overlap where you’re fixing the card together.

  11. Now you can move the ‘frame’ around the big piece of painted paper, looking at different sections and from different angles until you find the image you want to print.

  12. Cut the section out and take it down to your local printers; ask them to scan the paper into their large format scanner and save the image to disc or onto a pen drive.

  13. When you get home, upload the image to our website, select the size canvas you want and choose your finish.

  14. Wait for delivery and show the kids their amazing artwork – then hang it on the wall in your kitchen, dining room or anywhere else you want! You can even choose a few different sections of the original image to make sure everyone who took part gets a canvas with some of their work included – then let them have it as a gift for their room and a personal keepsake of the fun they had over the Easter holidays!

Kids love the chance to create and show off their artwork, and by printing it on canvas it will stand the test of time and stay looking fresh for years to come – no tatty paper here thank you!

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