By Mike | 09th January 2014

Canvas printing in 2014

In this, our first post of 2014, we must start by wishing all of our customers past, present and future, a very happy New Year and all the best for a fantastic 12 months ahead.

We enjoyed a short but relaxing Christmas break and now we're back, all hands on deck, to continue to provide our canvas printing services to customers across the UK. Over the past few years canvas printing has come a long way, with the quality of the equipment and materials available significantly improving. This has meant a much better finished product and canvas prints that offer a much longer lifespan then when this form of wall art was first introduced.

Developments in printing equipment, and more specifically the inks used, means that when people invest in a personalised print they can be confident that they won't suffer from fading which the old style dye-based drinks were prone to. UV inhibitors and pigment-based inks offer brighter and sharper production quality and longevity, which means that your initial investment will not have to be repeated several years down the line as the quality diminishes. While the advancement of new ink types seems to have slowed now, some industry professionals are expecting solvent-based inks to take on a new form, offering even greater durability – we will have to see what the future holds!

As a professional canvas printing company, quality is essential to our ability to provide a first-class service and products that we're happy to put our name to. While we're committed to providing the high standards possible, that doesn't mean that our products will always stay the same; it's our job to ensure that we keep up-to-date with the technology available so that we can always count ourselves among the best in class for canvas print providers.

Our promise to you during 2014 is to not only continue to offer the highest quality possible, but to also explore and investigate any new materials and production processes that may become available so that we can test them and integrate them into our offering should they offer a genuine improvement on the canvas prints that we deliver to you. Our development team strives to keep on top of the game so we can always promise the very best in customer satisfaction – if it’s new and amazing, we will do our best to be among the first to adopt it!

Over the coming year we'll also continue to post regular blogs to help you get the best out of your canvas print experiences. If there's any subject that you would particularly like to see covered, please feel free to drop us an email with your suggestions and we will do our best to meet your requests.

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