By Mike | 23rd May 2013

Canvas prints made with love and passion right here in the UK

Canvas prints UK

group set of photos to canvas


Here at Yourimage2canvas we are passionate about making the business work not only for our family but also for our clients who depend on us to ensure a great quality product on time every time.  We deliver an outstanding product at an every day low price, we do not have sale after sale to make our clients feel like they are getting a bargain, we just charge just over cost price so doesn’t give us much flexibility to offer further discounts. We don’t like the trick tactics of other companies who over inflate their price by 50% to knock 25%. We are an honest, hard working family run business with ethics of great value and quality. Each canvas print that leaves us is made with love and passion as if it was going on our wall to love and treasure forever. The images we produce on a daily basis are usually for a special someone or a teat for the home, so we have to ensure each one is manufactured to the highest standard we’d hate the thought of letting anyone down. We understand how much thought has been put into to a bespoke photo to canvas, its not just something that as been bought from the shop the night before (although we do offer FREE next day delivery on all canvas prints :o) ).


Were do we get are products from?

All our canvas prints are manufactured on site right here in the UK.  Yourimage2canvas is based in Fitzwilliam, West Yorkshire close to Pontefract and Leeds. We do not import any of the items we use to manufacture our canvas prints. We believe in supporting local companies who in return offer us great prices and superior products. We expect the highest standard every time it’s the only way we can produce such inspirational and stunning canvas prints.


We use only genuine Epson ink, solid pinewood (guaranteed knot free), Epson 415gsm 100% cotton canvas and obviously hand crafted into perfect canvases.

Ok we talk the talk but how do you know what you are saying is true?

Easy, take a look at our site, we have developed our site over 10 years and we have hundreds of images of what we do, we don’t believe in using mock up images, we are proud of our canvases so why not show the world. If a company is too ashamed to show what they do right there on the homepage then obviously they have something to hide. We don’t we love what we do and we love creating beautiful canvas prints. Every day we see new and creative ideas of how people want to express them selves on the wall, no day is identical to the day before and we like to see how happy people are within there pictures, some pictures say a thousands words, we truly believe this! Although we believe we can sum up our photos to canvas in one – Beautiful.


We couldn’t talk about how we manufacture our canvas prints and not show you any examples so here are a few for you to take a look at:

sunset canvas print portsmouth black and white writting canvas bikers on mountain person holding large canvas print

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