By Mike | 05th November 2013

Capture the essence of autumn with seasonal canvas prints

Braving the great outdoors

Gale force winds and driving rain isn't the weather but most people would associate with a good trek outdoors, but if you're serious about capturing some great autumnal images for your canvas prints, then now is the time to do it! Stick on your waterproofs and head out to some of your favourite local beauty spots and see how the landscape has changed since the summer. Autumn is famous for the changing colours of the leaves on the trees, and the beautiful array of burnt oranges, reds, yellows and fading greens offer the ideal chance to capture some really atmospheric images. Print these onto canvas to add some real warmth and colour onto plain walls.

autumn canvas print of 2 young women
Autumn is also a great time to take advantage of some incredible lighting; crisp cold mornings where the sun is shining down on the first frost of the year will allow you to shoot your favourite places from an entirely new perspective. With sunlight dappling through the trees and highlighting the frosty fronds on a forest floor, or the lower placement of the sun adding some great shadows onto rippling water or imposing architecture, you can capture some inspiring images that show the change of seasons to be something worth celebrating rather than to shy away from.

Make the most of the coast

Anybody who's been by the seaside during strong winds know that it can be both an invigorating and awe-inspiring experience! While this presents its own problems in terms of taking photos, providing you've got the right kit and you're well prepared you can still head out and use this powerful force of nature to take some truly mesmerising photos.

Hunt out a local lighthouse, or perhaps a hidden harbour or even a view of the coastline from a large sea wall - when the waves crash up against concrete, they create huge amounts of spray - if you can time your shot to get this powerful descriptive image on camera, you'll end up with a gorgeous canvas print that shows one of the most captivating scenes brought to us by mother nature during this season.

Try playing around with images in black and white or even sepia to add another layer of autumnal ambience – and remember that if you take a really amazing shot, you could even consider having several canvas prints produced and use the spares as Christmas presents!

Other autumn ideas...

Of course there are plenty of other ways to take advantage of autumn and turn your days out into a fine canvas print your home. For example, you could dress the kids up in their wellies and waterproofs and head out for some fun puddle splashing - these animated shots are a great way to show your kids having fun under the autumn sun and make another great idea for Christmas presents for family members too.

As well as the frost, there's always a chance that we may get a flurry of snow now that the colder weather is approaching. If this happens, grab your camera and try to take some shots of the fresh snowfall – if you can catch it before anyone has walked on it, you can take some fabulous images of a lovely, wintry landscape.

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