By Mike | 21st January 2014

Changing images


 We all fancy a change of image sometimes, and while this may mean a new haircut or a wardrobe overhaul for some, you can keep it simple by just having a quick change of some of the focal points in your home – after all, who wants to look at the same four walls all the time?! With canvas prints being such great value, you can easily print a selection to give you choice or simply update the image every year. Our favourite 2 ideas for this are as follows:

Same image, different time

If you favour things rather than faces when it comes to the pictures on your wall, but you want a bit of variety in your life, then work with the seasons.

Firstly, you need to choose the subject for your photo; maybe you have a local park or old church, a striking building or even a favourite tree or your own garden that you would be happy to have as a centrepiece for your wall. Once you’ve settled on the image that you want, take your first picture on a really seasonal looking day – think snow, think dazzling sunshine, think flowers in bud, think leaves on the ground or dew on the grass. You’re looking for something that really captures the feeling of that specific season. Snap several shots so you can play around with angles and choose the one you like best for printing onto a good sized canvas.

Now you need to repeat this process 3 more times... yes, you guessed it, during each of the remaining 3 seasons – try and take the image from the same place so you effectively end up with the same image but with a different ‘feel’ to it. You can then change the picture to match the correlating season every few months. This can also be a great idea for an office or reception/lobby area and it gives you a feeling of change without having to keep buying more and more prints.

Starting off small

Another great idea for those who prefer familiar faces adorning their walls is to take a yearly photo of the kids and use this for your wall art. You can print them onto a large canvas and update them annually, or you can print a smaller image and keep each one the wall when you add the next instalment.

If you’re worried about running out of wall space then you can always start to alternate the years when you start getting too many to display – and you can use the other half of them in a different room if you want! If you start this off when the kids are really small, you’ll certainly end up with an extensive collection, especially if you have more than one or two! If you find the volume gets too much, you can always relocate them; using them in the hallway or up the stairs works well.

In terms of styling the photos, you can go for a natural look or duplicate the pose every time so that you have a real comparison of their growth. You could even have them stood facing in a particular direction and mimic this every year so that they take on an ‘evolution of man’ style set of images!


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