By Mike | 30th October 2009

Cheap canvas prints

Why our prices are so much cheaper than other canvas printing companies…

We’re often asked why we’re so much cheaper than practically all the other canvas printing companies in the UK. We receive many emails; for example, people regularly query the fantastic low prices of our large canvas prints and three and four part sets particularly, and wonder if there’s anything inferior about the quality. The answer is always a resounding “No!”

We decided to inform you with this article some of the reasons why we’re able to offer such great quality canvases whilst keeping prices down.

As part of our own product development, we regularly research the prices and materials used by other companies to make their canvases. This includes the odd anonymous sample, of course! We find this is the best way to cut through the hype and misinformation that unfortunately still plagues the market. We also spend quite a bit of time researching other companies and their prices. To save you the time and effort we have created a price comparison page which outlines some of the top producers of the same grade quality canvas and the compared prices. In this we seem to always be top for low prices.

For the past few years Fear based marketing has really taken on a whole new meaning. Individuals buy products and make decisions based on emotions rather than logic. When our buying decisions are based on emotion we tend to suffer from buyer’s remorse later. We see lots of canvas art websites using cheap, fear-based marketing. It’s disconcerting to still see this sort of thing because it creates a general mistrust of everybody, and is often used simply to justify extortionate prices

As our customers know, we hate this approach, and prefer to offer full detailed information about all our canvas products and how they are made and constructed; details of this can be located on the website. The quality and construction of our pieces of photo to canvas is well documented, and we are always available 7 days a week to answer any queries you the consumer may have. This allows anyone to make an informed choice for themselves, without being badgered into (or out of) anything.

Perhaps the main reason our prices are kept significantly low is our established foundation. Since our inauguration, we’ve grown steadily and over the past year we have moved into a larger work space with over 6000 sq ft. Based in Fitzwilliam West Yorkshire. This space allows our skilled and dedicated team to create more pieces each day whilst better organization and efficiency has lead to the high standards we produce today.

This growth and added space also allows us to buy in more materials such as 100% cotton canvas and wood for construction of the frames. This buying power allows us to negotiate lower costs, and better discounts. We import directly from the best manufacturers so that we don’t have to rely on the stocks of UK suppliers. We keep massive amounts of stock in our premises so we can deal with even the largest of orders. Passing these savings onto our customers benefits everybody in the long run.

So now you know! We’re confident that Yourimage2canvas make the best quality best value canvas prints available on the net, so why not UPLOAD your image today and have your photo turned into a stunning bespoke canvas print!

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