By Mike | 30th October 2009

Image quality

As we deal with more images per week than some people deal with in a lifetime, one question we get asked all the time is: "Is my image suitable for that size of canvas prints?"

We have listed some simple rules below that will help you make your decision about the image quality. Alternatively, you can just email us and we will give you an immediate response.

Files that have more pixel data in them will generally give you better resulting canvas prints, especially if the prints are going to be done at larger scales.

Some common terminology is explained below.

Dots per Square Inch/Dpi.

Dots per inch or Dpi tells you know how much information is contained within every square inch of your image. This is also referred to as resolution. The resolution on a computer monitor screen is 72Dpi. Many digital camera's take photos at 72dpi, but the physical size of the image is generally quite large.

File Type

The 2 most common file types that are used in the graphics industry are Jpeg and Tiff. I will not bore you with what these stand for, but on another note, at Yourimage2canvas we can accept ANY file format that you have.

In general, for smaller sized canvas prints the file size needs to be around 500kb. For larger canvas prints, the file size needs to be 1mb and over. Obviously the level of compression you apply to the file when saving it will affect the size, so if you are in any doubt on what size canvas print you can have, please let us know and we will advise you.

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