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Photos on canvas - choosing the right image

large family photo on canvas

Photos on canvas - choosing the right image 

If you've decided you'd like to decorate your home with some beautiful images on canvas, then we can definitely help you out - but the one thing we can't do is choose your images for you. Before you commit to printing, you need to make sure that you've chosen the right photos – and while the decision lies firmly in your hands, if you’re having trouble deciding or finding what you want, we have a fantastic gallery of pictures for you to choose from. Wherever you source your picture from, here are some things to bear in mind when selecting images for display.

The first thing to consider is where your images are going to live. Are you putting them on main display in the living room at home, to add a bit of interest to an otherwise dull and plain hallway, or are they for your office? Intended location will have a big impact on your image choice; for example, while a family photo sat on your desk may be fine for work, perhaps a much larger and more obvious canvas on the wall depicting your children playing at the seaside isn't quite the professional image that you want to portray. Something less personal would be much more appropriate in this kind of environment - whereas for the home, you can choose family photos, wedding pictures or anything you like, as you have a completely free reign in your own living space.

Visualise the finished effect

Colour is another important consideration - you need to make sure that whatever image you choose for your canvas print blends well with your interior decor and style. If you’re not great with colour, a more neutral option would be black and white prints, because they will generally sit well in any kind of colour scheme. Alternatively, you may want to choose some bright and vibrant images to complement a plain background, or pick out more subtle accents in the rest of your rooms’ decor to highlight with your wall pictures.

When choosing your subjects or image for your canvas print, you need to think about how it's going to translate when it's actually up on the wall for everyone to see. A busy photo with dozens of family members may be much less ‘easy on the eye’ than something more simple with just a few people or a single portrait. If you have several children or family members and want pictures of everyone on display, you could even consider having a separate canvas for each portrait, rather than one big one that depicts all of them together. This also gives you more versatility when it comes to hanging your canvas, as you can choose a variety of layouts and choose staggered, smaller individual canvases to break up a large wall.

Size matters!

Of course, this question of size is also something you need to put some real thought into. It's very important to visualise how your chosen photo is going to look when it's blown up to a larger size. In the first place, the photo has to be a good enough quality to cope with this process without losing the beauty of the image, but you'll also need to think whether you want a big picture that will have maximum impact or something a little more subtle.

If you're choosing something simple such as a colourful flower instead of a person's face, this may work better on a larger canvas. Larger sized portraits can work well too, as small faces can easily end up looking a little lost on a large hanging area, so you need something big enough to fill the space well. Think about the overall effect you’re trying to achieve and how you're going to feel about looking at that image every day. Do you want it to be the main focal point of your room? Or is it just another ornament to cast your eye over on occasion? Asking yourself these questions will help you to decide on the right size.

Deciding on a subject is definitely the hardest part of choosing your photo for canvas. Photos of family members, weddings and loved ones are very popular choices, but you may have some stunning pictures from your travels or places of interest that would work well as a less intimate option. You could even set yourself a challenge of going out and taking a picture for the specific purpose of having it put onto canvas – then you have complete control over the image. Test out your amateur photographic skills by taking a stroll and try to find some great pictures that would work well on your walls – or simply spend an evening going through all your old photos until you find the photo or photos you want to use.


large forest print

Same image look great in black and white!

Simply altering the colour of an image can have a dramatic effect, this forest scene looks beautiful in black and white! and just brings the feeling of being in the great out doors into your very own living room

 large black and white print

Here at Yourimage2canvas HQ we love to make you happy, not matter what size print you require we can manufacture to your specifications and make it fit! From large prints that are going to be the focus of the room or just the small hand sized prints that are there as a little reminder of a special day or occasion. We just want to make you happy and transform those boring walls, nothing as a better impact on a wall than a personal canvas print, we love to see the prints people choose. We see hundreds of images on a daily basis and even after 10 years we are still pleasantly surprised by the images people choose with there creative ideas and sometimes the clever use of Photoshop we know they will change the look of a room in seconds! A nail, a hammer and a stunning canvas you can treasure for ever! why not order yours now?

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