How to Create the Perfect Home Working Space

06 July, 2021

How to Create the Perfect Home Working Space

How to create the perfect home working space

Many people have been working from home for a little over a year now and flexible working looks set ty stay – so if you’ve not had the urge to revamp your home to carve out the perfect home working space, now’s your chance!

Here are some ideas to help inspire you…

Plan it, Janet!

First off, it’s great to make a list of all your non-negotiables; power surge extension leads, attractive background for Zoom calls, a room or space away from others in the home – whatever you definitely need in your workspace, get it on the list.

Location, location, location

Scout out your house to discover all the potential areas you could turn into your dream workspace; we’ve seen people using the conservatory, landing, spare room, or even the cupboard under the stairs (if you’re going for that Harry Potter vibe). If your house doesn’t have that kind of space you can simply take an existing room in your home and setup in there – maybe there’s space in your dining room or bedroom which you can repurpose into the home office?

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The basics

Now you’ve decided on where you’re going to work you need to spruce it up a bit; get out the cleaning gear and make it sparkling. Decide on a colour scheme and either paint or wallpaper (or both!) so it’s looking nice and fresh – we love bright neutrals in a cheery tone for an uplifting home working space you’ll be happy to work in.


The most important thing when choosing furniture you’re going to be using for long stretches of time is ergonomics; you’ve got to look after your posture and your body. Ergonomics helps us design a workspace that’s comfortable, healthy and beneficial for the user; so we’re talking about desk and chair height, screen angle and distance in relation to your eyes, and blue light filtering on a computer screen. Have a look online and find out what you need, so you can get some furniture that’s a great fit for you.

Finishing touches

Next we’ll add some finishing touches; a screen is great for creating a separation between work and play, a bit of canvas art to add some interest to an otherwise uninspiring wall, a houseplant to purify the air. We love a snake plant, it’s low maintenance and looks fabulous.

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Now you’ve got some fab ideas for how to create the perfect home working space which will serve you for years to come whenever you find yourself carrying out your role remotely!

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06 July, 2021


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