By Mike | 30th October 2009

Wall art from your artwork

Wall arts are being used today to decorate a blank wall space

Wall art is a great alternative to ordinary wall papers since they add a certain feel and look to the room of your choice. Through canvas printing, a finely made wall art can be made as the centrepiece of any decoration and it can also be the topic of discussion – if not the star of your show.

There are other substrates available when you print your materials and use it as wall art. However, there is one material that is very capable of bringing out the best out of your prints – canvas. Yes, canvas printing is predominantly used when you are printing art and not often used when you print materials. However, due to the fact that canvas is used mainly in paintings, it will make your prints look like authentic paintings rather than being dismissed as simple copies.

Canvas printing also gives you a different feel to your walls whatever your tastes maybe. They are very versatile and you can mould them into any of your needs. They can be the stars of the show or they can be the used as complimentary materials to existing designs. Any other way, your canvas prints are perfect for any single purpose that you are thinking about. The themes that you can think about is endless and the subject matter for your canvas prints are varied. You can use different designs and design inspirations in your canvas prints and you will never go wrong with them.

Some of the more popular designs that are macro designs (designs that are about things painted, sketched or photographed at very close range), flowers, animals and geometric figures. There is also a recent trend that is developing today known as giclee printing. This is the reproduction of fine art through canvas and digital ink jet printing.

Going more into the reproduction of fine art in canvass, giclee printing presents itself as a very nice option for young artists when they want their prints reproduced. Giclee printing, with the help of digital inkjet printing, makes it affordable to reproduce copies of their original artworks. Many artists can now send samples to art museums or even sell copies of their work at a very low price.

Not only that, giclee printing also helps museums in the storage and handling of fine art. Now copies can be reproduced for showcases or for marketing purposes. They can sell the copies in their souvenir shops and they can even use copies of the original as displays when they need to cure or treat the original. The use of copies will significantly make the original fine art prints last longer and the maintenance of these prints a lot easier.

With all that said, even regular people who want to try out wall art can benefit from this service since you can use copies of original art pieces as your own personal wall paper. Not only will the surroundings of your house change, but the sophistication and taste levels of your aesthetics will definitely be on display.

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