Custom Canvas Prints – Personalise To Perfection

11 February, 2021

Custom Canvas Prints – Personalise To Perfection

There are loads of great reasons to choose to give a canvas as a gift, but the ability to create custom canvas prints is one of the best. It’s a great way to give a gift that has a lovely personal touch – even if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body!

This week we’re going to show you some of the ways our customers have used the medium of canvas to produce stunning works of art for family and friends.

Canvas prints are for everyone

You might ask yourself who would want a canvas print as a gift – the answer is everyone! Because you can tailor your print to the person’s particular character and personality, there’s nobody from a young child to your great grandparents who wouldn’t appreciate a personalised canvas.

Custom canvas ideas

We’ve split our ideas up into a few easier ones for people with no Photoshop skills and a few that are a little trickier. If, however, you think one of the fancier ideas looks like fun, you should be able to find plenty of easy-to-follow tutorials online. Don’t miss out on making awesome custom canvas prints because you’re scared of Photoshop!

Easy custom canvas ideas

Hunt through the recipient's old favourite photos and try to recreate them – this is a fun activity for the whole family, giving a new take on an old memory.

Take some photos of their favourite place and print it on a large canvas for their wall – they’ll feel like they’re always there!

Sometimes the simple ideas are the best, like a lovely family portrait. You can make it special by leaving a blank space at the bottom for everyone to sign and write a message in Sharpie pen – no Photoshop skills required!

Ideas that require Photoshop skills

Create a collage of family photos throughout the years – these are an incredibly popular, simple and expressive way to customise a canvas... and they work particularly well printed really big.
Do they have old photos of past triumphs? Perhaps they were really good at a sport? Maybe they liked to fish and caught a whopper? Did you know that you can have these images converted to digital format and printed to canvas? Go the whole hog and add some text in Photoshop to immortalise the moment.

Do they have a favourite quote? Maybe something inspirational from someone that they admire? If you have good Photoshop skills you can create a simple canvas of these words, but maybe add some interest by mixing up the size of the text – it’s a trick designers use to draw the eye into the image.

We hope that some of the ideas for custom canvas prints we’ve shared here make it onto yours or your loved one's walls – we’re sure that they’ll go down a treat!

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11 February, 2021


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