Design Your Room The Danish Hygge Way

11 February, 2021

Design Your Room The Danish Hygge Way

Danish Hygge Print to Canvas

We know that the majority of you are just tolerating winter as you mark off the days until the first signs of spring, but over in Denmark they’ve developed a way to be happy, snug and comfortable all year round. There’s a reason that the Danes consistently top the polls as the happiest nation on earth – it could be because of hygge…

What’s Hygge?

Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is really the concept of comfort you get when you create a safe haven – a room where everything is set-up to be welcoming and embracing. Creating a hygge space in your home will give you and your family a place to shake off the cold, cosy down, and get together to recharge and relax.

How do you create such a space?

Hygge is as much a state of mind as physical design, so consider the value of every design decision you make. Your aim should be to fill your home (or hygge space) with possessions, furnishings and design elements that make you and your family feel happy and cosy. The space should uplift and comfort you all throughout the winter months and into the summer. Try some of these:

Choose a calm and neutral colour scheme – Picking neutral colours or ones that are associated with calm, like light green, will immediately begin to create the atmosphere you desire

Fill your space with great memories – Hygge spaces often have a bookshelf full of your favourite old books and collections of old photos to bring back warm memories

Use canvases to enhance the spaceCanvas prints are a great way to build up the ambience of your hygge space. You could have old photos printed to canvas or go with relaxing nature scenes – or even appropriately comforting abstract images

Open fire – There’s nothing more hygge than an open fire so if you have this option use it often. If not, consider adding one to your hygge space if it’s possible – it really does set the scene perfectly

Avoid harsh lighting – Allow as much natural light into the room as you can, but when it’s dark snuggle down and light lots of candles or use lamps and uplighters with dimmer switches. Choose warm tinted light bulbs – this is no time for eye-popping cold light!

Embrace soft furnishings – Fill your space with blankets and cushions made from natural materials – perfect for wrapping around you and keeping the winter out

Create a snug – a window seat full of cushions and blankets or a little snug tucked away in your hygge is a perfect place to settle down with a good book and cup of hot chocolate

As you can see, the Danes really do know how to get through winter with a smile on their faces.

Take a leaf out of their book and turn your home into a haven away from the harshest winter nights and you’ll soon be as happy as they are!

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11 February, 2021


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