By Mike | 29th April 2014

A different type of wedding photo for canvas printing

Being typically British, we're real weather watchers here at Your Image 2 Canvas and we've noticed the grey skies clearing and the sun making a more regular appearance. This can only mean one thing... the start of the wedding season!

Newlyweds are some of the canvas printing world's biggest customers - the longevity and great quality of canvas prints, together with a very reasonable price point, means that happy couples can afford to display several pictorial memories of their big day and know that they'll stand the test of time too - just like their marriage!

While formal wedding photography can bring great printing opportunities, sometimes it's nice to have something a little less 'staged' and more personal to hang on the wall as a memory of the big day. Your official photographer will probably offer you a set of digital images so you can choose to print them however you see fit, but the end result can look much the same as the next happy couple's photos - so how can you mix it up a little for something more unique?

funny wedding picture

Be my guest!

While the more traditional style of a wedding photography is still very popular, there has been a huge growth in the more contemporary reportage approach in recent years. While this still requires the skills of a professional photographer, you can also encourage your guests to take their own reportage shots for you during the event.

You can ask guests to bring their own digital cameras with them and snap shots as the day goes along, or you can purchase some good quality disposable cameras as an alternative. Whether you ask the ushers to hand these out before the ceremony or leave them on the tables for photo opportunities during the reception, most guests won't be able to resist the opportunity to take some photos for you!

Once you get the photos processed (and you can have them saved onto a digital disk to make things easier when you’re ready to print), you and your new spouse can look through them at your leisure and pick out the real gems ready for transferring onto canvas.

The beauty of this approach is that you'll get lots of different angles and perspectives, shot from the point of view of people with a wide variety of creative capabilities, plus some incredible candid shots which will show this formal day in a much more natural and relaxed light. You’ll also collate a whole range of shots picking out your guests too, which will make for a fantastic additional album. You could even run a competition for your friends, by offering a bottle of champagne to the guests who take the ‘winning’ shots – although they’ll probably be just as happy to visit your home and see their photo of your wedding day hanging on the wall!

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