By Mike | 30th October 2009

Digital printing for the business future

Digital printing can help your business to get moving

Top quality printing is important to every business. Whether it’s your monthly supply of letterhead or an important sales document, good printing is vital. Digital printing gives you the best of both worlds – a top quality canvas printing service with the flexibility you need.

Small businesses choose Digital printing

Whilst all businesses can benefit from digital printing, it’s particularly effective for small companies. Digital printing gives economies of scale that aren’t always available from traditional printing methods. This means that smaller businesses can commit to smaller print runs, or use Digital printing for occasional requirements rather than committing to big projects. That’s because:

  • Digital printing is quick to set up – there’s no need for traditional plates or films when it comes to Digital print. The printer simply receives your digital files and the printing process can begin. This means there are no reproduction costs, which have previously been a vital part of the printing process.

  • Digital printing can handle small volumes – digital printers can print as many or as few documents as you need. This means that a small print run –even of just 10 copies – can be handled by Digital printing.

  • Digital printing can work on many materials – using Digital print means that you have a lot more flexibility when it comes to what you print your design onto. As well as traditional paper, you can print onto fabric, foam, film or canvas print and get the same great image every time.

  • Digital printing has a faster turnaround time – once the printer knows what you want and has the file with the information they need, they can turn around a proof for you in no time. This means that digital printing is the ideal option if you have a limited lead time or if your company has a sudden requirement for literature or other items. Discuss your needs with the printer, send the file, get a proof straightaway and move onto the print run – it really can be that easy.

If you’re looking for a way to get great quality canvas printing without spending a fortune – and you also want the convenience of lower print runs and fast response times, talk to us to find out how Digital printing could help you and your business.

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