By Mike | 03rd October 2011

Fashion Canvas Prints

London Fashion Week 2012 Logo

Well "London Fashion Week" has now finished for 2011 and what a week it was. Thousands of designers, models and photographers landed in the city for what was billed as one of the top fashion events in the world. Many large fashion houses chose to have their clothing displayed on the catwalk. One of the most popular and emotive ways to capture this fashion is via photography.

Canvas Print Abstract Art ideas

Some of this year's highlights include abstract print patterns from established Scottish design house, Pringle and a more crazy approach from new boy Meadham Kirchhoff. Both approaches would translate into canvas prints, with the Pringle abstract art working perfectly with a contemporary interior design and Kirchhoff's fresh, funky and childish fashion complementing a child's bedroom.

Crazy Children's Print Ideas

Fashion photographers can use the asthetics of different locations and enhanced scenes to promote the clothing of any designer to its best potential. A single photograph can capture the moment and show a designers art off without the need of expensive shows.

One way a fashion house and photographer may display their work is through large-format canvas prints, or mosaic patterns. Canvas printing is a great and bespoke method of printing vibrant and interchangeable artwork to display a series of photographs on either one canvas print, or over a series of prints. The beauty of canvas printing is that this cost effective method of displaying fashion shots can be easily changed with minimal expense with the next season's trends. This makes canvas prints perfect for creative office displays (which are a must-have for fashion houses) and for in-store displays on the high-street and in fashion boutiques.

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