By Mike | 22nd February 2010

Finished Canvases

Here at Ultra Print we like to give you the full picture, we like to show you every part of our canvas printing techniques before you order, from start to finish every expect of our canvas prints is available in depth with pictures on our web site. Firstly to show you who we are, to show you were not just a one man band but a large reputable business who offer a bespoke canvas printing service from your own photo. This is just a few pictures of some finished products, if you do want to view our quality in more detail then take a look at our enviable quality canvas prints.


1)This picture was finished for our client on a 12” x16” 2” depth with bleed printed in full colour. The client was very pleased with the overall outcome and received her canvas the very next day, All this for just £29.99.


2)This canvas print was ordered on a 12”x16” canvas on a 1” depth frame with bleed printed in full colour. This one was actually ordered during are double discount offer so the client received this delivered the next day for just £23.99, Extremely good value for money.


3)This canvas print was ordered on custom size canvas print at 13”x19” 1” depth without bleed. (Because our frames our custom built to fit every canvas print individually they fit perfect with no white on the face and the picture were it should be on the face and only on the face). The client was extremely delighted with the outcome and said it made her valentine’s day when she passed it to her boyfriend (now fiancé). This canvas print was purchased online (normal price £45.30) at current double discount time and got it at a bargain price of just £36.24 delivered the next day.

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