By Laura | 02nd April 2019

Great ideas for foil prints

You may have noticed that we’ve introduced some great new products over the last year, and this week we’ll explore one of them by helping you come up with some great ideas for foil prints – because they make brilliant gifts or additions to your living space.

From anniversaries and birthdays, to celebrations and quirky gifts for friends and loved ones, foil prints are a classy and creative way to let someone know that you’re thinking of them.

Foil prints for special occasions

As you know, we’re huge fans of sending bespoke canvas prints to loved ones for special occasions, but our foil prints are also a fantastic way to add a touch of class to a gift, so let’s take a look at a few ideas:

  • Birthday – who doesn’t love a birthday gift that keeps on giving? Well, foil prints work their magic long after the birthday cake is a distant but delicious memory! However, we recommend using text that’s not birthday specific, as this encourages the recipient to keep it up after the happy day... so maybe a general reminder of how much you love them rather than a generic ‘Happy Birthday!’
  • New baby – there’s nothing more joyful than a new baby, so why don’t you help the happy couple celebrate with a ‘welcome to the world’ gift! One of our favourite ideas for foil prints is really simple – just list the baby’s name, birth date, weight and place of birth as a lifelong keepsake for the parents to treasure.
  • Wedding anniversary – celebrate with your parents or friends by sending them a customised foil print in beautiful gold, silver or copper leaf, mounted in a high-quality frame, so they can proudly display the success of their marriage. A foil print is perfect as part of a bespoke gift for one of the ‘big ones’ – 10 years, 20 years, etc.

Quirky foil print ideas

Of course, foil prints don’t have to be sent for a special occasion – they’re wonderful gifts in their own right… even to yourself! Our Harry Potter inspired ‘I solemnly swear that I am up to no good’ print is perfect for the Potter fan, and our ‘Wild and Free ’ and ‘Love’ prints are a lovely way to say ‘thank you’ or as a gift to cheer someone up.

We’re also excited to offer a completely personalised service, so if you have something you simply must say, you can immortalise it on a framed foil print!

As you can probably tell, we’re really happy to have these fantastic new products to share with you, and we hope these ideas for foil prints inspire you to consider one for someone special in your life… including you!

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