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How To Make Money From Photography

11 February, 2021

How To Make Money From Photography

If you’ve been considering how to make money from photography, you’re in the right place! You’ve been practicing hard, learning new techniques, receiving loads of praise for your work, and now you’re ready to start earning money doing something you love, right?

Well, we’re here to tell you that there are loads of avenues for a skilled photographer to earn, so let’s take a look...

The realities of making money from photography

A wise (and slightly cynical) man once said that the best way to make money from photography is to sell your camera gear! Now there’s some truth to that because it’s a tough industry, but it is possible to make a living or supplement your income part-time – just don’t expect a five or six figure income to happen without loads of hard work.

Our top ways to make cash from photography

Our list includes ways to make a few quid here and there, alongside some of the more traditional photography careers:

Wedding photography – it’s the toughest gig in town, but if you have the technical expertise and people skills, weddings can be incredibly rewarding. Be prepared for a wedding to take about a week to prep for, shoot and post-process, so don’t undercharge.

Portrait photography – portraits can cover everything from headshots for business to families looking for a canvas print for their wall at home. It’s perfect for the part-timer with a decent space to shoot at home, or the travelling photographer... but you have to be great with people.

Stock photography – stock is a numbers game. You need to produce a large library of high-quality photos to make a living, but it is possible. Finding a niche is tough, so we recommend
concentrating on real-life scenarios, local scenes and images of people using personal technology.

Sell canvas prints – you can make a nice additional income by selling canvas prints in local galleries or at craft fairs – some local independent shops and cafes may also be happy to stock a small collection. There’s always a market for images of the area you’re visiting or selling in, so focus on local sunsets and beauty spots, or even pictures of the town and its popular landmarks.

Teach others – if you’re a skilled photographer and good communicator, you could train to become a photography teacher, or run your own workshops for adults. Teaching independently is rewarding, but tough if you have no photography profile. However, it’s possible to make it work if you have a great website and marketing strategy.

There are loads of other ways to make money from photography, but these are the most tried and tested, so we hope that’s food for thought!

11 February, 2021


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