By Mike | 30th October 2009

How to scan your image for transfer to canvas

If you have a picture or photo that you would like us to transfer to canvas for you, but you do not have a digital version, you can follow these simple instructions to create a digital file of your picture.

To create a digital version of your picture you just need a scanner and a computer. If you do not have a scanner, don't worry! Just post your photo in to us, and we'll scan it for you at no additional cost.

Step 1. Switch on your scanner, check the glass surface is clean and place your picture in the corner of the glass surface and make sure it’s straight.

Step 2. Using the software for your scanner:
Change the scanning resolution to between 500 and 800 dpi if possible.
Scan the photo at its original size. The larger the photo, the smaller the scanning resolution needs to be. For instance, a large A3 scan needs only to be to be scanned at 300dpi. Remember, we print all our canvas prints at 2880 x 1440 dpi - this is the highest resolution on the market.
If you get an option, select RGB format, rather than CMYK format.
If your software has the preview function, use a ‘marquee’ tool to select your photo by clicking a dragging the box over the picture.

Step 3. Scan the image.

Step 4. Save the picture as a .JPG file.

Step 5. Check the file size of the image. If it is over 10MB, you can either reduce the file size using your image application (i.e. Photoshop), or rescan at a lower resolution. If it is less than 500KB (that's half of 1MB), then you should rescan at a higher resolution.

Step 6. Upload your image and place your order with

The above instructions are guidelines only as scanners vary in operation.

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