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Ideas For Inspirational Christmas Interiors

11 February, 2021

If you’re bored with your old decorations, our top tips on how to create inspirational Christmas interiors will help you to mix it up this year. Throw away that box of tatty tinsel and those tired baubles and let us show you how to decorate your home so that it’s fun, stylish and full of Christmas spirit!

Choosing a colour palette for your Christmas interiors

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when decorating your home for Christmas – after all, everyone knows that you should use green, silver and red, right? Well, those colours are lovely and festive, but traditions are made to be broken, and if you can’t let loose during the Christmas season when can you?

We recommend ditching those colours and trying some of these:

Subtle blues and pinks work great together and can be used with more muted dark greens to create a tasteful Christmas palette.
Combine the above colours with some white low-light LEDs to add a subtle and sophisticated twinkle.
Christmas colours are usually taken from traditional plants like holly and ivy, but winter flowers can be inspirational too. We love to combine purple and orange for a vibrant but modern interior.
If you prefer an elegant and unfussy look, we recommend choosing white as the foundation of your interior, but with a little light green as an accent. This perfectly mimics a snowy winter scene and provides a lighter and brighter atmosphere on those cold and dark winter nights.
Decorate for all of the senses

For truly inspirational Christmas interiors you must think about all the senses, so don’t forget to include the smells of Christmas too! A real Christmas tree and a wreath of fresh evergreens will fill the house with their scent, but you can go the extra mile by burning Christmas scented candles and essential oils.

Compliment the sights and smells of Christmas by playing seasonal music on a loop. It doesn’t have to be loud – just play choral and classical Christmas music in the background to add to the overall ambience of the space.

We love the festive season and hope that our quick guide to switching up your decorations helps you to approach it with renewed energy. It’s amazing how making the effort to create inspirational Christmas interiors can fill this time of year with the same magic that we all felt when we were kids.

11 February, 2021


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