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Inspirational Canvas Prints For Your Home Gym

11 February, 2021

Inspirational Canvas Prints For Your Home Gym

Working out alone can be hard, which is why we recommend using canvas prints for your home gym as a source of inspiration. There are loads of ways you can use wall art to keep you motivated, but these are our favourites…

Inspiring quotes as canvas prints

Keeping going when you’re sore, tired or feel like lazing around on the sofa is one of the biggest barriers to consistent results, but with the correct motivation anyone can do it! Turning your favourite encouraging quotes into canvas prints for your home gym is a great way to keep your eyes on the prize of better health.

Creating bespoke canvas prints in Photoshop, or with our help, is even better because you can choose words that mean something to you, or even personalise them for extra motivation. What better way is there to encourage you to push that little bit harder than looking up and seeing a message just for you? It’s like having your own personal trainer at home!

If you want to make these canvas prints even more powerful, you can use a photo of yourself underneath the text, or a photo of someone you admire who has the body that you’re working towards.

A canvas progress photo wall

If you’ve been working out for a while, you’ll probably be feeling pretty good about your gains. Creating a record of how your body has improved can provide you with loads of inspiration – especially when the going is tough.

Yes, you could just keep those images on your phone, but if you go the next step and print them to canvas you can build a progress photo wall that will show you, and anyone else who uses your home gym, how proud you are of the work you’ve done.

Family cheerleaders

Knowing that your family are willing you on to succeed is a great motivation, and what better way than to create some canvas prints with their smiling faces and personal messages? A simple, “You can do it, Dad!” or “You’re doing great, Mum!” might be enough to get you through a tough workout!

We hope that you use some of these ideas for encouraging canvas prints for your home gym, and they help you to achieve all of your workout goals.

11 February, 2021


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