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Inspired By: Jean-Louis Deniot

11 February, 2021

Inspired By: Jean-Louis Deniot

Jean-Louis Deniot has forged a career in architecture and interior design based on a true love for art history, together with a desire to create original, inspirational and balanced spaces that are both functional and beautiful.

Like any great artist, Jean-Louis is hard to define: is he a contemporary or classical designer? The truth is that his genius lies in an ability to effortlessly ride the waves between those two schools of thought. Let’s see how he does that and what you can learn from him...

Jean-Louis Deniot’s world

“I always want to get as far as possible from the white box. My interiors are about atmosphere, character, texture, and a sense of harmony”

The quote above tells us everything we need to know about how Jean-Louis’ sees the world of design. Don’t, however, mistake that desire to get away from minimalism as a move towards cluttered and claustrophobic spaces – no, Jean-Louis manages to use colours, textures and furnishings to build spaces full or interest and atmosphere that offer a feast for the senses while also being completely practical. He isn’t afraid to use the walls of his creations to tell a story or add striking visual statements; whether that’s huge bold photographs or prints in paper and canvas.

How to add a little Deniot to your life

When it comes to adding a bit of style to your living spaces ala Deniot, there are several things you can try without busting the bank:

Choose muted colour palettes in warm earthy tones to ground the space
Don’t be afraid to mix art deco and contemporary furniture in your space – trust your instincts
Choose complementary furniture and soft furnishings. Deniot gets away with a busier style by creating a sense of togetherness in his work
Fill your walls with bold but complementary works of art on canvas to add elegance and visual interest
Consider adding some bold art deco or contemporary lighting features – these are very much Deniot’s signature pieces

You may not have the budget or innate sense of style of Jean-Louis Denoit, but with a little confidence and a sense of adventure, you could soon be living in an elegant and stylish home that he’d be proud to have designed. You’ll know you’ve succeeded when you walk through the door and feel a sense of excitement coupled with a feeling of homeliness – a tricky one to pull off successfully, but we have faith in you, so go for it!

11 February, 2021


frame next to a house plant
framed photo by the bedside
framed landscape painting on the wall
framed picture next to a quill
holding a framed painting