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Inspired By: Kelly Wearstler

11 February, 2021

Inspired By: Kelly Wearstler

In our Inspired by series we try to introduce you to photographers, artists and designers whose creative spark will stimulate your mind – and this week is no exception, as we enter the world of Kelly Wearstler.

Since the mid-90s, Kelly has been applying her bold and playful design philosophy, born from her West Coast roots, to hotels and homes throughout the world. Let’s take a closer look at the style and see what you can learn from it.

The Wearstler approach to design

Despite making a name for herself with her lavish hotel interior design projects, we’re going to concentrate on the area of Kelly’s work that applies most readily to you – interior residential design.

Being raised and educated in the sunshine of the West Coast of America has had a huge impact on the Kelly Wearstler design approach, with the extravagant use of colour, postmodern art and furniture. Her approach is to couple a sense of fun and light heartedness with high-quality luxury items – something that goes down very well with her large client base of A-list stars!

What you can learn from Kelly’s style

Is it possible to take this high-end style full of decadence and playfulness and apply it to your living space in the UK? Can you do it without a Hollywood movie star’s budget? We think that there are loads of cool things to take from the Kelly Wearstler approach – and, yes, you can make it work on a sensible budget!

Search eBay and local auctions for postmodern items of furniture and curiosities that’ll add a unique touch to your space. Style and function are key, so consider both when you buy.

You may not be able to afford original abstract wall art, but with our help, you can recreate masterpieces by using stock photo sites to find images that compliment your design. Simply download and send your favourites to us where we’ll print them up on large canvases – the bigger the better!

Kelly regularly uses large rugs from the most predominant colour in her chosen palette to tie the design together. A sizable rug is definitely an investment, but it’ll protect your floor for years and is well worth the money.

Don’t be afraid to go over the top with your soft furnishings and sculptures. Either keep them aligned with your overall theme or throw caution to the wind and make them stand out instead – as long as you don’t take yourself or the space too seriously it’ll work!

What we love about the work of Kelly Wearstler is her endless creativity and desire to push the boundaries of what’s acceptable in interior design. Being willing to experiment and take risks will help you to create living spaces you can enjoy and smile at for years to come, so be bold and have fun!

11 February, 2021


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