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Inspired By: Moose Peterson

11 February, 2021

Moose Peterson is one of America’s most loved wildlife photographers – a man who’s spent nearly 40 years bringing attention to the world’s endangered species through his photography.

As well as being a Nikon ambassador, Moose was one of the earliest adopters of the digital format back in 1999, making him the only wildlife photographer to do so at that time – a decision that set him apart as a trendsetter and visionary.

The Moose Peterson philosophy

It’s hard to pin a particular method to Peterson’s work because wildlife photography is largely about capturing moments and being in the right place at the right time. Technically, he’s as good as anyone, but what sets him apart is his humble nature and simple philosophy.

For example, every Moose Peterson workshop is unique – there’s no teaching by numbers because he has no intention of boring student or teacher! He focuses on his students shooting plenty of images and understanding that it takes time to perfect your art. He has little interest in teaching Photoshop skills, and he doesn’t even sharpen his jpegs before output.

All Moose cares about is sharing his passion for recording species that are on the brink of extinction in the hope that we all start to take notice of what we’re losing

Learning from Moose

Amateur wildlife photographers have a tendency to be a little bit gear obsessed, and while the equipment you use is important, it’s also crucial to remember that nothing outweighs photographic skill and patience, so:

Be prepared to move stealthily and wait for a long time to get the shots you want.
Be prepared to shoot a lot of images before you start to understand who you are as a photographer and what your images mean to you.
Don’t expect the best shot to be miles away – what you’re looking for could be right under your feet!
Learn how to back button focus for more control.
Be enthusiastic about your subject because unless you love what you photograph you won’t see it in its best light.

Moose has such a refreshing attitude to photography, and we find it remarkably infectious – it makes us want to grab a camera and head out to shoot right now! We hope that you feel the same and that you’ll send us over some of the great imagesyou’ve captured – after all, you might be the next Moose Peterson without even knowing it!

11 February, 2021


frame next to a house plant
framed photo by the bedside
framed landscape painting on the wall
framed picture next to a quill
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